28 October 2015

The Cold at Bay

Thankfully the pending cold I felt on Monday evening paused at the "about to take over your life" stage and I have just been spending the last few days with a tickle in my throat and slight congestion. The girls and Matt are still both crazy sick and I have been pouring out my limited supply of energy on runny noses and short tempers and keeping everyone hydrated. I'm praying that either this cold/flu miraculously never hits me or I get it soon, as I really, really don't want to be in labor while sick. It really would be miraculous if I didn't get sick - I can't remember the last time Abigail brought home a cold that I didn't catch.

We have spent much, much time watching movies. IE, Frozen. Matt did convince the girls to watch Mary Poppins once, which used to be Abigail's favorite movie before Frozen.

I haven't made any substantial progress on my remaining three 31 Days goals. (I know, I only have until Saturday!)

-I hope to make my fourth and final freezer meal tomorrow
-I am waiting for a certain sale at Target before I buy the diapers. They periodically offer a $15 gift card if you buy two econo-size boxes of diapers. This week's sale is only a $10 gift card. This goal probably won't happen by the end of the campaign.
-I finally started the ball rolling on the baptismal plans! Nothing concrete, but at least I finally made some calls.

Since the preparations for baby have been winding down and my huge belly has me craving the couch, I have been doing lots of reading and crocheting. My new year's resolution was to read 24 books this year. So far I've read 20 books, a monthly magazine (National Geographic), and published a book! Although I might not be able to make 24 books since this baby is due in the next 2-4 weeks, I've got two more on my shelf I want to read before the year is up.

In terms of recent crochet projects, I made another girls' shall (fits 2-4 year olds). I've been on a shall kick lately and my girls and I already have two shalls each, so I gave this one away to a friend - all she had to pay was shipping.

I also made this doily. I've been itching to do a little lace work. I found a free pattern online and I already had the hook size and correct yarn. I made it to sit underneath our centerpiece on the kitchen table. It was fun and quick to make, but definitely not for beginners.

I have two more projects up my sleeve: an afghan using a new stitch called Tunisian (I've done one baby blanket in Tunisian before) and a pair of slippers a friend custom ordered. I'm headed to the craft store this evening for a little me-time - the only time I've left the house since Sunday was to take the trash out. I'm looking forward to my brief break and hoping Matt is well enough to hold down the fort for an hour or so!

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