01 October 2015

31 Days!

Guess what today is! The start of the 31 Days Campaign! You use the 31 days in October to do whatever you want. Sorta like a New Year's Resolution, but only for one month.

In the past, I've done:

So what is on the agenda for this year? Well, it may not be as glamorous as years past, but it's pretty important to me!

When I was pregnant with Eleanor, I came across this article and I found the thoughts it presents to be quite interesting. When I saw it making the rounds on Facebook again recently, I realized it would make the perfect topic for this year's 31 Days campaign. In sum, the article states that throughout all of human history and currently in a majority of countries, women who are recently postpartum get a "lying in" period. In America, we idolize women who are back to work and "bikini ready" in the weeks following childbirth, instead of respecting the healing and bonding process that follows a new baby's arrival. "The U.S. seems only to understand pregnancy as a distinct and fragile state [...] once they’ve actually undergone the physical trauma of [childbirth], their bodies thoroughly depleted, we beckon them most immediately to rejoin the rest of us."

Apparently the "lying in" norm is to have female friends, family, neighbors surround new moms with cooked meals, childcare, and a clean house. Everything is unpaid, but comes with the expectation that they'll be repaid in the same respects when they have a baby. While we're back home in Michigan surrounded by family and friends who are very supportive of Baby #3, most of them have young children and/or full time jobs that would prevent me from having attentive care when Matt is at work. And to be honest, being the introvert that I am, I'm not sure I would even want someone around 24/7.

But I love the idea of taking life super easy in the days following birth. I'm thinking I should take off from life until the New Year. I also realized that I sort of already started the process when I thoroughly and completely cleaned out my apartment in September. So in continuation of the path I'm already walking, this October, I plan to spend much time preparing (my life) for baby #3!

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