22 October 2015

31 Days - The Little Projects

I'm three weeks into the 31 Days Campaign, and I'm excited to find that almost everything on my to do list is checked off. Preparing for this baby has involved a lot more work than preparing for Eleanor, but like I mentioned on day one, I really want to create a "laying in" period for myself, so I am doing extra things now that will hopefully buy more time off postpartum.

This past week, I have really been focusing on knocking out the various projects on my to do list. Like...

1. Heading to a used kids' clothing store to fill in the gaps in the girls' winter wardrobes. Aside from Christmas dresses, the girls shouldn't need any new clothes or shoes until they outgrow their current sizes. Since Abigail grows at a snail's pace and Eleanor just moved into 18-month clothing, I should be safe until the spring.

She looks so good in neon yellow skinny jeans. How a pale blonde pulls off yellow so well, I'll never know.
2. Finding, washing, and putting away the missing blankets
3. Securing a boy's coming home outfit

I now have one week's worth of baby girl and baby boy clothing washed, folded, and put away. If we have a girl, we'll get our newborn girl clothing tote out of storage. If we have a boy, I'll just keep doing laundry until I'm healed enough to venture out to a used kids' clothing store. I personally love Once Upon a Child (there is one about 30 minutes away) and am crossing my fingers that they'll still have winter newborn clothing for sale in November/December!

4. Getting some fleece newborn sleep sacks
5. Getting some newborn carseat bunting

Both my girls were six or seven months old by the time snow started falling, so I have no serious, cold weather, little baby gear. I picked out a few gender neutral items that I will be able to reuse with any future winter babies. Snuggly fleece baby prints are way fun to buy.

6. Making plans for the girls while I'm in the hospital

I asked my sister-in-law - who lives 10 minutes from my apartment - to watch my girls when I give birth and she very lovingly and excitedly agreed. She watched Abigail when I had Eleanor as well. We chatted about some of the details, although I'll wait to actually pack up their bag until I'm in labor.

When we lived in Chicago, Abigail's speech therapist recommended I put together a photo album of pictures of Abigail and verbs. Abigail walking, Abigail smiling, Abigail drinking. That sort of thing. Since I had extra space in the album, I threw in pictures of family, the cat, her blanket, and her favorite toys. Fastforward to last year. I had a feeling that Abigail would find comfort in the photos while she was at her aunt's house overnight, so I threw it in her duffle. I was right. My sister-in-law reported that Abigail kept it with her almost constantly and it soothed many tears. I figure, it'll probably be helpful this time around, even with Eleanor by her side, so I ordered new prints from Shutterfly with a coupon code that made them practically free, bought a new album for $6 at my local superstore, and created a new, updated photobook for the girls' stay with their aunt (and uncle and six cousins).

7. While I'm waiting until I'm in labor to pack my bag too, I did buy an armload of travel-sized toiletries from my local superstore. I can never remember what the hospital provides and what I'm expected to bring, so I just bought everything (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, that sorta thing). Whether you have an emergency c-section or a smooth and easy VBAC, there is nothing like a good shower the morning after labor and delivery. Anyway, so I guess my hospital bag is half-packed.

8. Finishing a project I mentioned in the clean out post to help de-clutter the crammed diaper changing table. The lotions/ointments/oils were blocking my cloth diaper stash...

...so I crocheted a little hanging-thing with pouches to store the goods. It hangs on the side of the changer - easy reach for parents, but out of the way of kids. I used scrap yarn and the project took two days.

9. Finish buying stuff off my "registry." When I found out I was pregnant, I started a registry on Amazon just for my own use. Some things I just didn't want to forget - like more changing pad covers, diaper rash cream, and crib sheets. But other items were things I spent time and energy researching - the specific humidifier I liked best, the portable nightlight with the best reviews and battery life. Lastly, I added things I wanted to try out - like an actual baby bathtub. Anyway, when I'd find these items on sale at various stores, I'd pick them up, but now that we're reaching the end of the pregnancy, I just ordered what remained off Amazon. Next week will feel like Christmas as all the packages arrive.

10. Cooking. All three of my crockpot meals are in freezer bags and ready to go. Two of my four frozen meals are cooked, labeled, and waiting in the freezer.

It's supposed to be "wild rice and beef." The pie on the right is a chicken pot pie - homemade expect for the crust.

A pot roast and taco soup just waiting to be dumped in a crockpot.

A stash of frozen pizzas bought on sale with a coupon. Two of them will be eaten before the baby comes, leaving me with three.

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