31 October 2015

31 Days and Happy Halloween!

Today is the end of the 31 Days campaign! And I finished everything on my to do list! I now have seven freezer meals and two frozen pizzas,

a new ring sling,

tons of washed and folded newborn clothes and blankets,

newborn fleece car bunting,

fancy Burt's Bees diaper rash cream and Shea Moisture wash and lotion (the newbies get pampered, once they get older they get econo-sized Johnsons : )

nursing pads and lotion, a heatable and chillable set of gel pads that is supposed to help plugged ducts and mastitis (I got mastitis three times in nine months with Eleanor), tons of diapers for all three kids, all the baptismal arrangements I can make pre-birth, wardrobes for the girls until the spring, and a fully cleaned out and reorganized apartment.

A pretty successful October, I'd say.

I am 36.5 weeks pregnant and all signs point to birth in about 1.5-2 weeks. The baby has dropped, I've been getting a ton of Braxton Hicks contractions every day, plus a few other "labor is coming soon" signs. I'm ready to be done.

The sickness that has taken my entire family hostage hit me on Wednesday. I fully succumbed and have been racked with the nastiest cold of the year (for us), which I think is wildly unfair considering I'm that big! Matt also threw out his back from coughing, which means I've been doing the heavy lifting around here, literally and figuratively until yesterday when he finally got in to see his doctor. This has been an incredibly difficult and draining week.

The entire family being sick has meant that the girls missed all the Halloween parties they were invited to this week. I made their costumes ($7.50 a piece!) and yet they just hung in the closet. After a week stuck inside, we were all going stir crazy, so Matt and I decided we'd take the girls up to the local mall, which offered indoor trick-or-treating this evening before bedtime. The girls were very excited to be black cats.

So excited, in fact, that Abigail kept her ears on the entire time! She usually hates stuff touching her, but she actually kept the ears on and held her little bucket the entire time. She voluntarily held my hand, never tried to bolt, and actually didn't get overwhelmed by the crowd. She did phenomenally well.

Eleanor, on the other hand, sobbed when we didn't let her eat her candy right away, kept pulling away from Matt, and had to be carried kicking and crying out of the mall.

Over all, the evening was worth it. We only stayed about 30 minutes (mine and the girls' walking time limit), and we didn't touch anyone or any product, so we didn't risk getting anyone else sick.

I put serious effort into my Halloween costume this year. Matt hates dressing up, but I convinced him to join me in the festivities by promising we could be something he liked. After much research online, I stumbled across this idea of a maternity costume:

Here is a picture of me that I hijacked from a friend who took it at her Halloween party:

Here are two hints: It's Star Wars and Matt was Darth Vader. I'll reveal the answer in my next blog post, and I'll also post photos of me during each month of this pregnancy.

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Diane said...

I think your blog is my favourite - and I am SO impressed by how organised you are!! Hope you feel better soon.