14 September 2015

Third Trimester Update

So we have decided to stay in this doinky little apartment until we get back on our feet after having the baby. It sucks. But I choose it too, so now I am trying to come to terms with this new cross I'll be bearing all winter. There is, of course, always the possibility that the perfect thing at the perfect price might pop up - and if it does, we are open to pursuing it. But for the most part, we are staying put and I am sick of talking about houses. I am sick of talking about how the cute little house I fell in love with slipped through our fingers and now we will be five people in a two bedroom apartment. The awfulness of the situation is continually enhanced each time I have to rehash our decision.

So I'm not talking about it today.

I recently realized two things. First, this is my fourth pregnancy in five years. I do sincerely want to have more kids, but I would really like to take a break following this birth. Secondly, I am currently 29 (almost 30) weeks pregnant. With both girls, I only made it to 38. So it is possible (likely?) that I only have 8 more weeks to go.

8 more weeks is an exciting realization. I am a miserable pregnant and the doctor said I am measuring about 3 weeks ahead of schedule. I put together a comparison of my three pregnancies because I find that sort of thing interesting. With Abigail, I put on about 55-60 pounds. With Eleanor, I only gained 29. I have gained exactly the same amount of weight this time around as I had with Eleanor by the third trimester, so I'm on track to gain another 29. Except this baby is measuring bigger than Eleanor did at this point. So really, I gained less weight and the baby gained more. Ha, technicalities.
I am definitely carrying higher this time, and the baby is usually sideways (both girls were head down by this point and stayed that way). I feel like a huge bubble on little stick legs and finding clothes that cover the belly is getting harder and harder. Having Abigail away at preschool in the mornings and having a babysitter during appointments is a huge relief. I'm not craving anything in particular and food usually sounds gross. I'm tired all the time. After finding no relief for all my pelvic pain in the medical world, I did a little self physical therapy - an hour and a half of stretches, deep breathing exercises, and using a foam roller - and am completely pain-free. After about a week, some of the soreness comes creeping back and I do just the key stretches and roll our the key muscles and again find instant relief.

One final note on this rambly post. If Tom Cruise were pregnant, I like to flatter myself that he would look like this:

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