02 September 2015

The Making of Big Decisions

Matt has just left for his last day of work. I don't know if I mentioned it before, but he - as of 4:30pm eastern time - was a research attorney at the Court of Appeals. Today is both his last day and the start of my third trimester. He'll start at his new job on Tuesday, after a lengthy holiday weekend, which is also Abigail's first day of school.

We have these next two days off jam-packed full of things that happen best during business hours - like getting my "vintage" computer fixed (that's what the Apple Store politely called it) - but also doing some house hunting! We've been getting our pre-approval lined up and will finally get to tour a bunch of houses in person! There is one in particular that I have been falling in love with via the Zillow photo stream. The big problem (at least, that I can tell without having actually seen the house) is it's not walkable to downtown, something Matt and I both really wanted. There are almost no houses that meet our qualifications that are walkable to downtown right now. But this other Top Contender house has a fenced backyard, a sizable deck, and adorable front porch. It's in a mini-subdivision just outside of walking distance, but subdivisions hold more promise of being family-friendly (I'm thinking other kids our age). We are also still entertaining the idea of building a house. And then, of course, we could always decide to buy a house but continue to stay in our apartment and wait for something new to pop up. Then there is the desire to be settled in a new house before this baby is born. I am trying very hard not to stress out about the house situation. I keep reminding myself that no matter how much I stress, I am not going to speed this process up. Needless stressing comes easily to me, so this task really plays to my weaknesses. But for some reason, maybe it's the therapy distraction, I think I've done a really good job staying calm.

By the end of 2015, over the course of one year, we will have bought two cars, bought a house, started a new job, and had a baby. And the calendar year before that? We had a baby. We are launching so hard into Family Life, we might end up with whiplash, I joked to Matt last night. He feels it and I worry the girls will feel it, but me? I'm perfectly content to blast forward at break-neck speed. I'm ready. I'm confident we can handle it. We've spent several years preparing for this responsibility. We took the girls for a walk last week or so and I realized that I'm even looking forward to cleaning out the gutters.

So lately life has been made up of browsing Zillow, doing dishes, and taking liberal advantage of a baby sitter while I take Abigail to therapy (she ate a few bites of pizza this week!). We enjoyed a few days of cooler weather, during which I made sure to break out the denim and cable knit sweaters...

"A tat, Mama! A tat!" A spinning wheeled chair of death and a tat!

But I remained in a tank top because hot flashes and cable knit sweaters are arch enemies. The doctor said I'm/the baby is measuring a week and a half big, but we're still sticking with my original due date of Thanksgiving (with my endorsement). Here I am a few days shy of the third trimester...

Abigail wanted to take a picture of her blankie. I think it turned out gorgeous.

She also said, "Cheese!" on behalf of her blankie...

I just got word that the survers are down at the court, so Matt is headed home early on his last day of work. Today is a good day : )

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