17 September 2015

The Big Cleanout

My apartment is looking amazing. Seriously, I've never seen it so open and spacious before, and I'm not even done with the clean out!

Since we decided to hunker down for the winter in this small space, I've been doing my absolute best to try to make it more comfortable. It's also doubling as a chance for me to nest. The clean out means that in one room at a time (sometimes each room takes me a few days so I don't end up too exhausted):

-I go through all drawers, cabinets, totes, cubbies and sort things into "keep," "storage," "donate," and "toss" piles.
-I reorganize the furniture as needed to maximize floor space.
-I do any babyproofing for either this newborn or for the girls.
-I clean - dusting, vacuuming the places that never get vacuumed, that sorta thing.
-Once everything is back in place, I rearrange the wall decorations. Yes, this clean out is that hardcore.

We (finally) got a storage unit - an inexpensive one in town the size of a generous walk-in closet - and have already moved all the holiday decorations and a few other odds and ends out.

So far, I've completed:
-The bathrooms - I cleaned out the cabinets, got rid of expired stuff, and made space for newborn stuff
-The laundry room - which included adding a shelf to serve as a pantry
-The kitchen - I seriously needed to rearrange stuff for more counter space
-The dining room - I created a shoe rack/hats, mittens, scarves/purse/keys area and tried to open the space up a bit for a high chair
-The front closet - it was serving mostly as our storage closet, so lots of stuff went to storage and now the coats actually fit
-The girls room - Abigail has an official toddler bed and her old hunk-of-junk crib is gone, and I moved the toys and beds around to transition the room from a "baby and toddler" room to better serve a toddler and preschooler.

I'm really good at repurposing stuff from one room to another, so the only thing I've purchased so far has been a shoe rack and a bin for the hats, mittens, scarves, etc.

I have yet to do the girls' closet, the living room, the master bedroom, and the master closet. The girls' room saw the most dramatic change, but I suspect the master closet will be the most work for me.

I've done so much work and am really throwing myself into this project that I've actually become okay with spending the winter here. The key word being "okay." Things still aren't perfect and there is something that comes up daily to remind me that I really want a house, but I don't think I'll actually die now, whereas before I had my suspicions.

One of the things that needed changing were the girls' toys. I had their books in their room and a few toys in the living room on our bookshelves. But Abigail was in the habit of chucking her books across her room when she was bored or tired. So I moved all the toys into the girls' room and all the books out onto our bookshelves. The results have been pretty fabulous.

Abigail has always been a bookworm, but Eleanor isn't as intense. But it turns out that Abigail was being over-territorial about the books when they were in the girls' room and now that they are in the open living room, Eleanor wants to read all the time. Plus the book chucking had diminished significantly since I'm around to patrol it.

Ah the fun of small, easy, simple changes! I so enjoy walking into the completed rooms and taking in the clean, open space like a breath of fresh air. I'll regale you with some pictures once the apartment is complete, but for now, here is a "before" picture of the girls' room...

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