20 September 2015

September Date

For our September date, Matt and I went to a Michigan State football game. It was actually my idea, I'll have you know. We're alumni of MSU, so it was a very exciting return to campus - getting caught up in the excitement of the buzzing fans, feeling the beat of the drumline warming up, enjoying the trombones practicing the fight song as we meandered around the beautiful campus.

I did all the typical things Jacqueline does when she is getting ready for something big: I packed lots of delicious food, scored a Michigan State Spartans maternity shirt, which I coordinated with a large gray and green running hoodie (non maternity, but I could still fit in it and I wore it under the maternity tee, so no one could tell it didn't quite cover the belly), I painted my nails green and silver sparkly...

The weather was cool and cloudy, with scattered showers, which made for an enjoyable three hours in the bleachers, even the rainy bits, as it caused the crowds to clear out before the game ended and left things wide open for us "in it to win it" types.

It was incredibly enjoyable and a fabulous "last big date night," as the remaining months will probably be made up of simpler, dinner-and-a-movie style dates. We probably only walked a total of three miles over the course of seven and a half hours, yet between the walking and the stadium stairs, I was definitely exhausted and sore. My mind doesn't seem to realize I'm as pregnant as my body really is.

Which brings me to another campus experience: the experience of being in my late twenties, married, and pregnant, as opposed to my early twenties, single, and ready-to-party. I got a lot of open stares. I don't really blame them, these people are only a few years out of high school at most, and my belly has long passed the "cute, little, round" tummy stage. I'm due in two months, but measuring almost a month big. Size-wise, I look like I'm going to give be giving birth next month.

The other big difference is that campus, unlike at the mall or the grocery store or pretty much anywhere else, no one held the door open for me, no one let me cut in line for the bathrooms, and no one made space when I needed to pass by.

No one said anything mean and I'm not taking offense to anything, I just find it interesting and somewhat amusing how much difference a mere seven years can make.

Seven years ago, I was one of those students strolling across campus, never giving a thought to being pregnant or having a special needs preschooler or a toddler with a stomach bug or being excited about cleaning out my apartment. Yet here I am, with all of those things, strolling across campus with green and silver nails, hoping our kids go to Michigan State and we continue living nearby so we can keep doing this fun tailgating stuff.

I managed to get sunburnt. It was cold and cloudy and rainy and I still got sunburnt. Go me.

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