19 August 2015

Reasons Eleanor Cried Today

Eleanor is my clingy, emotional, dramatic child. I decided to list all the times and reasons why she cried (or cry-whined) over the course of one day.

An old, but fitting, picture of Eleanor crying.

This morning went well - she didn't cry in between the time she woke up around 7:00am and was freed from her crib about 7:30am.

7:44am - She had a diaper change.
7:52am - Abigail took the book she was reading.
8:06am - She dropped her book while walking.
8:24am - I'm not really sure. I think she wanted a second breakfast, and I wouldn't give it to her.
8:42am - Abigail "helped" her take the lid off a container.
8:47am - Abigail pushed her.
8:48am - See above.
8:50am - I have no idea. I think Abigail snatched a book Eleanor was thinking about reading.
8:55am - I have no idea. It wasn't Abigail though.
8:58am - She randomly fell on her (cloth-diapered) tuchus.
8:59am - I wouldn't pick her up.
8:59am - She randomly fell again.
9:01am - She was having trouble climbing on the coffee table, and I wouldn't help her.
9:32am - I enforced the "you can only eat that if you're sitting at the table" rule.
10:28am - The cat walked away when she tried to pick her up.
10:36am - She pinched her fingers in the kitchen cabinet.
10:41am - Abigail was doing something she couldn't do.
10:50am - Her sister shoved her.
11:09am - She and Abigail accidentally bonked heads.
11:20am - The chair wouldn't do what she wanted.
11:30am - I didn't understand what she wanted.
12:10pm - It was Abigail's turn to have the book, then the rocking horse wouldn't do what she wanted; plus it was naptime.

NAPTIME! (Alleluia!)

2:06pm - She woke up.
3:16pm - She woke up again, and I didn't get her out immediately.
3:17pm - She had a diaper change.

(She made it a full hour WITHOUT crying! This is what some music and a few empty bubble container will buy you, folks!)

4:20pm - It wasn't dinner time.
4:28pm - I wouldn't read her a book (because I was making dinner).
4:48pm - I wouldn't let her spill water.
5:01pm - I'm not sure; maybe she didn't like my dance moves.
5:07pm - The kitchen cabinet wouldn't close because the spatula was in the way.
5:10pm - I put her down so I could put dinner in the oven.
5:25pm - I'm not sure; I guess my dinner was offensive to her sensibilities. (Although she then ate two servings.)
6:15pm - Daddy washed her hair.
6:17pm - Abigail took the bath toy she was playing with.
6:25pm - As Matt put it, "I wouldn't let her destroy stuff."

And by 7:10pm, following our standard bedtime routine, she was tucked in her crib with a book and fell asleep without a squawk. Which is unusual. Usually there is a squawk.

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