14 August 2015

FMF: Learn

Five Minute Friday! Topic: Learn

Whenever Abigail is in therapy, she thrives. Her therapist at the eating clinic can't get over how amazingly well Abigail is progressing; the foods she's added: fruit snacks, peanut butter sandwiches, mashed potatoes. She even ate a few bites of chicken pot pie and an entire chicken nugget. She's always been like this. Put her in therapy and she makes mad strides. She needs the guidance, the repetition, the continual pointing of "this is what to do next." Therapists and pediatricians tell me they can't believe how well Abigail speaks. Sometimes people in public or at church tell me how well behaved Abigail is. The comments are kind of rude, "Hey, your kid is not a mongrel idiot - congratulations!" But I know what they mean. And I really understand the fear that pregnant moms have that drives them to get the prenatal testing, or abandon their babies in foreign countries. Every single generation of people with Down syndrome is given more resources and doing better than the generation before. People with Ds in Abigail's generation have longer life expectancies and better quality of lives than people of my generation. Just two generations ago, people with Down syndrome were still being sent away. Abigail's future looks much brighter than any previous generation. And it takes time for society to see that. She's learning about the world while the world is learning about her. I am so thankful she was born at a time when she could make mad strides in therapy.

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