07 August 2015

10 Things About Matt

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10 Things About Matthew Aaron...

1. His favorite sections of the bookstore are: Military History, Biography, and Economics.

2. He was born 10 weeks premature. He was so small, he fit in his dad's hand and you could shine a flashlight through him. The doctors tried to diagnosis him with cerebral palsy. When he turned out to not have it, they told his parents he'd never walk. Then when he walked, they said he'd never run. Then when he ran, they stopped trying to find something wrong with him. It was probably better for their reputations this way, as he went on to play high school basketball, become one of the top Quiz Bowl students in the state, and graduate 3rd in his class from law school.

3. He is really good at math. He can do complicated math in his head, he catches onto new concepts quickly, and he really enjoys it. He also loves data, spreadsheets, and trying out new ways to crunch numbers. If he hadn't become a lawyer, he would have made a really good accountant or economist.

4. His favorite dog breed is the German Shepard.

5. He is a really good guesser. Like you could ask him: "Guess who called me today?" "Guess how amazing of a deal I got on this item?" "What is the GDP of Kenya?" And he'd probably be really close.

6. He always wanted to be president growing up. He planned to run in 2020, when he would finally be the minimum age permitted by law. He has since decided not to pursue politics, as he didn't think he possessed the social pandering skills necessary to garner donations. He also thought his views were too conservative and his demeanor too aggressive to appeal to the mass public.

7. He despises argyle, water chestnuts, people who refuse to listen, people who can't see their own contradictions, Internet comment boxes, and hipsters.

8. He is the only male in his family who is under 6" tall.

9. He developed an affinity for gentlemen's hats and now has three: a hamburg, a driver's cap, and a fedora.

10. He absolutely loves wool, but is totally allergic to it.

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Amelia Bentrup said...

Ben has a fedora as well. They should get together and wear their fedoras. They are probably the only 2 men under 60 who actually own one.