09 July 2015

10 Things About Eleanor

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10 Things About Eleanor Grace...

1. She shrieks like a bottle rocket. Multiple sources have volunteered this lovely comparison.

2. She almost always says, "Ahhhh!" after taking a sip of anything.

3. She has a favorite everything: toy, necklace, sparkly bracelet, Little People animal. Hand her a set of anything and she'll pick out a favorite.

4. She is a pretty high-strung girl. She knows her mind and wants things her way and doesn't deal well with change. She mostly gets her temperament from me, but she definitely has her Daddy's almost exact eye color.

5. She is a total and complete Daddy's girl.

6. She adores the cat. Cats in general, in fact, and horses.

7. She loves kid-sized furniture.

8. Eleanor is not following the typical development path for speech and doesn't have many words for a 14-month-old. I've done little informal tests with her (whispering her name when I'm behind her, stuff like that) and I really don't think hearing is her problem. I'm going to call Early On next month and set up an evaluation, just to be sure.

9. She copies everything her sister does, the cute things and the frustrating behavioral issues.

10. Other than the speech stuff, she's really, really typical. She acts like my nieces and nephews did at this age. She has a fabulous pincer grasp, she understands tons of what we say, she throws temper tantrums when something gets taken away, she's loud at church, she hides behind my legs when she's scared, she expresses her preferences, she loves stuffed animals, she checks in with Matt and I when she toddles away. Some things are harder with Eleanor, some things easier.

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