04 June 2015

Year One? Check.

You guys!

The first year is over.

She made it, I made it. My first born's first year of school has officially come to a close.

Remember the, like, 10 part series I had on whether or not Abigail was going to preschool? The stress and worry and obsessively rethinking? And then I finally decided, "Okay, she'll go to preschool, but she is NOT riding the bus!" And now the bus is pretty much her favorite part of life.

Abigail is a different girl. A girl with more focus, more self/impulse control. She's a girl who easily follows simple directions. Who uses sentences. Who sings. Who started a little bit of imaginative play. She's a girl who plays with her peers, who uses glue sticks, who knows all her letters and numbers.

Her life, and therefore my life, has profoundly changed over the course of these last nine months. And it's something I never could have done alone. I think that's the nature of the life of a special needs family. These therapists and teachers walk into our lives and in "doing their jobs," they make incredible, profound, life-altering changes.

We hand over precious, vulnerable little pieces of our hearts and, in turn, these professionals with degrees and experience and so very much know-how cherish and nurture and love them. And when the day is over and they give them back, they are stronger and more capable. I want to grab her teacher and her therapists in great big bear hugs and cry tears of thankfulness.

"The world called her retarded and worthless and you taught her how to walk. I will never forget you."

We won't either. Their names and pictures are in the baby book. From her first therapist, Sophia...

...to Bob the bus driver who always made sure to give me a heads up when there'd be a sub. "These little ones like their routine. Sometimes they balk when they see someone they don't recognize!"

It's an incredible bond, the one that forms when you give someone your complete trust and they respect it.

Our first year of preschool was just the next leg in a long line of journeys we're gonna take. I'm so very thankful for it. For all the awesome things that happened during it. I pray and pray and pray that the next leg will be here in this same town in this same school with this same amazing teacher.


Kelly Mumby said...

I could not love this post anymore! You are such a gifted writer Jacqueline and I'm excited to watch your family's journey unfold!

Matt said...

She's so cute!