11 June 2015

The Here and Now

At 10am this morning, I loaded the girls up into the stroller, slathered them with sunscreen, and we walked up to the gas station where each girl got her own box of candy (Abigail choose M&Ms over Reese's and I opted for Junior Mints for Eleanor) and Mommy got two 16oz cans of diet coke and a bag of dark chocolate mint covered pretzels.

This is my third year in a row being pregnant (2013 with the baby we lost, 2014 with Eleanor, and now 2015) and I am really starting to feel the effects on my exhausted body. Combine it with two in diapers and trade preschool for summer vacation, and, well, each day feels like it takes a Herculean amount of effort to get through.

16 weeks and I'm already looking very pregnant.

I have resorted to self-bribery in order to get basic household chores done. One thing I really have a hard time staying on top of are the cloth diapers. They usually spend a day or two in the washer and another day or two in the dryer before they make their way back to the bathroom. So I created this incentive:

Last week (Abigail's last week of preschool) I started to feel the "how am I going to survive summer?!" panic, so on Monday, I spent my blissful preschool/naptime afternoon making a daily schedule. One for when we stay home all day, one for when we have a playdate or run errands in the morning.

It came together pretty easily, actually, and has dedicated Mommy time (showering, dinner prep, etc) and family time (story time, outdoor play time). The schedule follows the natural rhyme of the day, so it's pretty easy to stay on track.

I spent the second day making a list of people we can visit for playdates. I'm hoping to schedule one per week so we can all get out of the house but not exhaust ourselves. I'm also trying to get Abigail into an eating clinic and an equestrian therapy program, both of which will involve weekly therapy. (We should probably get a second car sooner rather than later).

The third day was all about Pinterest-ing preschool craft projects. I want to spend about an hour per day doing school-like activities while Eleanor naps - academic things like flashcard-ing her ABCs and practicing writing, and therapeutic (fine motor skills) things like craft projects. I also got some things for outdoor playtime, which we combine with going to the complex pool.

While I was at the craft store (Michael's), I found this ridiculously cute tent. It was $12 after my coupon and folds up in a little bag to the size of a child's camping chair.

I plan to pop it up when rain keeps us trapped inside, although service is a bit slow - I'm still waiting on the mint chocolate chip cone I ordered last week.

I'm really finding that surviving life in an apartment with young kids while pregnant is all about enjoying the small things. Focusing on present moment stuff takes my mind off all the stressful long term stuff. I'm trading job/car/house stress for how Abigail totally looks awesome in yellow:

Or how ridiculously cute her cloppy walk is:

Phew, use that core, Girly!
Yeesh, all back extension, no abs. I swear, she never used an Exersaucer!

Or how delicious this diet coke is or how those new maternity clothes I ordered are suppose to arrive today. Yes, maybe my life is crazy stressful, but right now I'm just going to enjoy the fact that my girls think my slinky black cat is totally fabulous.


Kelly Mumby said...

I absolutely LOVE reading your blog posts!!! It is SO IMPORTANT to focus on the little things and the "here & now" and I appreciate how you are doing it! You go girl!!!

Aunt Ellen said...

I agree wtih you Kelly - focus on the "here and now" - I need to do that too
and I have no children... Aunt Ellen