17 July 2015

10 Things About Abigail

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10 Things About Abigail Claire...

1. She knows every capital letter and all her numbers 0-10 on site and can sing her ABCs in order, but not a single shape and hardly any colors.

2. She is 4 years old, but can still fit into some 18 month clothing.

The onesie on a 21-month-old Abigail and a 3.5-year-old Abigail, when Mommy was in a pinch and needed a peachy onesie for her Halloween costume. I also have an 18 month Gap jacket both her and Eleanor can pull off.

3. She absolutely loves music.

4. She is a total and complete Mommy's girl.

5. By the time she was 2 years old, she had stuck her feet in Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic Ocean and lived in three states (Florida, Michigan, Illinois).

6. She always says "bye" to the car when we get where we're going.

7. Abigail is actually a high strung, anxious kid who is already clearly an introvert. Her ways of expressing herself are very non-typical, so most people misread her cues. For example, when someone (even someone close, like an aunt) picks Abigail up when she doesn't want to cuddle, she'll go limp. Everyone thinks Abigail is giving them a snuggly hug, but the truth is that she shuts down when she's uncomfortable instead of crying or wiggling away like most kids.

8. Abigail goes to an eating clinic twice a week and does equine therapy once a week. We're already seeing some improvements in her speech and balance. I'm super excited to see how much progress she makes by the time school starts back up.

9. She doesn't cry when she gets vaccinated or her blood drawn.

10. Her favorite part of life is riding the bus and she misses school terribly this summer. We've been having playdates with some of her school friends and her teacher lives in the same apartment complex as us, so we run in to her sometimes.

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