04 May 2015

Two Sides, One Coin

The air yesterday was so warm and delicious, I felt like I could simply climb up on the gentle breeze and float blissfully away. The light, white curtains fluttered gentle against the open windows all afternoon, building up our excitement. We strolled through the neighborhood, amidst girls on bikes and old men walking greying dogs. The sun shined down, greeting our bare arms, delighting us in that way that the first warm spring day does. The girls giggled gleefully in the stroller, reaching their arms out to wave at couples sipping lemonade on front porches. We arrived downtown to the excited smiles of new friends. We ordered scoops of ice cream piled on iconic waffle cones and sat on soft, green grass beneath a flowering magnolia tree. The town buzzed all around us at the annual spring festival while we swapped stories and offered advice. Instant connections were made and future play dates promised as the hours flew by. Finally we resigned ourselves to returning home, filling the pleasant walk with talk of evening plans. We returned home, flung open the windows, and reclined on the couch while the girls played nicely together on the floor. The sky filled with gorgeous color as the sun slipped beneath the horizon as our girls did beneath their sheets.

We sat around the living room, blowing our noses and combing snot out of Eleanor's hair. Abigail shoved her sister at least five times, a frustrating event because we thought we'd finally put shoving behind us. We decided to head downtown early because I felt lazy that we were sitting inside when it was so nice outside. People started getting snippy with one another as I took way too long to get everyone ready and once outside, Abigail tried to run away about a dozen times before I finally just strapped her in the stroller. Halfway to the spring festival, I realized that a long afternoon of walking was a stupid time to break in my new shoes. By the time we made it to the ice cream shop, the backs of both my heels were bleeding and there was a blister on my toe. The girls on the bikes were quite annoying because they zipped around us rudely and Abigail was actually scared of the old man's little old dog, despite the fact that it was a calm, fluffy, little Bichon Frise the size of our cat. The ice cream place was crazy crowded and our ice cream order got all screwed up and I had to wait forever for them to fix it. When everything was finally ready and I had all three ice creams situated, Abigail completely took off her diaper right there in the middle of the crowd. Our conversation on the grass kept getting interrupted because no conversation is fluid with five kids five and under running around. Eleanor fell asleep on my shoulder and I had to carry her for a solid mile with bleeding, blistered feet. I collapsed on the couch with exhaustion and the girls slipped beneath blankets over-tired.

Both stories happened Saturday afternoon and both are completely true. There are many ways to look at one event. Some people like to post the first story on their social media pages, maybe because they're trying to convince everyone their lives are perfect or maybe because they believe sharing good things makes the world a better places. Some people like to post the second story, maybe because they only see the negative in life or maybe because they're trying to release the stress of the day. Maybe it's worth your time to find out why people do what they do. Or maybe it's not. I just find it interesting that two stories can be so different and yet describe the same afternoon.

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