13 May 2015

She Keeps Getting Better

This picture blows my mind.

As soon as I saw Eleanor standing in this pose, I quickly snapped a picture. It was one of those times when I wish I could have yelled across the room to Matt, "Look at this! Look at what Eleanor is doing!" Standing. On an uneven surface. At 12 months. Sure, she's helping herself a bit by holding on to the toy, but you can tell by the quad on the leg on the ground that she's also using legs, butt, and core to sustain herself. She's voluntarily using slow twitch muscles groups. That is mind blowing for me.

I spent three years in physical therapy with Abigail talking about muscles and movement. Abigail needs structured play and you have to support her muscles in the ways you want her to use them and you have to hold her accountable when she cheats. It's a lot of freaking work. And for three solid years, therapy was my whole world.

To watch someone conquer a squishy pillow course for fun, with a smile, oi. The human body is a beautiful, beautiful thing. To lift an arm while on all fours...

Watching her transfer her weight to her shoulders and arms and use her core to lift her legs...

Her arms are even staggered! Watching everything just work is like watching a magic show. Or finding out how your favorite candy is made. So that's how they do it! Eleanor is like a behind-the-scenes tour of my favorite tv show. I am constantly in amazement at how perfect the process is that takes us from weak newborn to solid child. Whoever designed this system is brilliant. *Wink*

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Amelia Bentrup said...

Wow...I love this post. Since all my kids have been mostly typically developing, I've pretty much taken all these things for granted. It's neat to read your unique perspective on baby development.