10 May 2015

Ellienor's First Birthday

Today is a very special day. What happened today? We turned one.

So what does one do on her first birthday? First, open a large present.

Call for backup if necessary.

Demand cookies for lunch.

Convince Mommy and Daddy to spirit you off to a hands on museum. Bribe with iced mochas if your birthday happens to fall on Mother's Day and Mommy claims to want a little attention herself.

Romp around blissfully. 

When you return home, it is advisable to take a short nap to build up your energies. After a delicious dinner of macaroni and cheese, order gourmet cupcakes.

Since it's your first birthday, you may be uncertain exactly how to consume a cupcake. Ask a role model for advice. 

Make sure you smear frosting on as many places as possible (including Mommy's camera lens) to be sure you get a warm bath. Since it's Mother's Day, Daddy will be forced to do the bathing, but this works out in your favor because Daddy lets you splash water on the bathroom floor and Mommy doesn't.

If you have siblings like mine who take over your toys, insist they go to bed first. Then stay up late and play with your new toy all by yourself.

And that, people, is how you score an awesome first birthday.


Diane said...

What a pretty yellow dress!

Aunt Ellen said...

Awesome day for Ellienor (I've been spelling that incorrectly!) - and a beautiful re-telling and account by momma! Aunt Ellen