22 May 2015

Decision Making

At the end of the month, we will have lived in this little apartment for 21 months. That is significant because it'll be tied for the "Longest We've Lived In One Place Since Getting Married" - 7 years ago - award. We spent 21 months in our first apartment in Florida too. But this place will likely win first place soon because we've decided to turn down the townhouse and stay here.

When I sat down to blog about our different options, I felt so unsure. What is the right answer?! Where should we live?! But once I got out all my thoughts and organized them in a coherent manner, the right answer seemed obvious. When I prayed about it that night, I finally felt some peace. I talked over everything with Matt in the fresh morning light and we came to a conclusion. We then sat on that conclusion for a bit and continued to like it.

It basically boils down to this:
-There is a decent chance Matt's permanent job will not be within commuting distance of the townhouse.
-Moving twice in one year and breaking a lease would be a huge financial burden.

So....if we move to the townhouse, there is a decent chance we'll end up with a huge financial burden.

Our apartment complex is willing to let us sign a six month lease or go month-to-month. We believe it's the right decision. We are going to rent a storage unit in town so that we can open up a bit of space around here. We are currently storing some things in my parents' basement, but as they are about 20-30 minutes away, it's not feasible for me to just run out there to drop something off or pick something up "real quick." If the unit was in town, I could stash more stuff because I could access it much quicker. I'm also going to stop stalking Zillow.com. Ogling all the available houses makes it impossible for me to be at peace with staying here when it's raining and the kids are bouncing off the walls.

One of the biggest advantages to staying here is that we can continue to save money, which is going to come in handy when we go car shopping the summer. We're still going to have all the same struggles as we've always had in this tiny space, but I'm going to keep reminding myself that I made this choice. We didn't get stuck here.

It's not all bad - when Matt gets a permanent job, we can buy a house! We could easily be in our own house by Christmas. And then this place will be a memory. And our apartment days will finally be over.

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Kindra said...

I love your description of working through a seemingly overwhelming decision. The writing process helping you to clarify your thinking, the prayer to confirm that the direction of your thoughts was good, and discussion together after a good night's sleep. Good luck with everything!

Kindra @ Together