18 May 2015

4th Birthday, Rockstar

Coincidently enough, Abigail actually shares her birthday with a number of friends' kids (and a second cousin) of ours, so every May 18th, my Facebook fills up with adorable tributes to precious littles. This morning was no different. "I love you to the moon and back!" "May God continue to pour out His blessings upon you!" As my Facebook wall bloomed with, "his sweet smile completes me/she is the reason I live" and photos of adorable smiles, my life-completing blessing was running around the apartment shouting at the top of her lungs, "NO! NO! UH OH! BAYBEE! NO! MY CHURN!" as Abigail ran along behind Eleanor ripping every toy out of her hand and preventing her from playing with anything in the entire room.

Anything. She wouldn't even let Eleanor play with Eleanor's birthday present.

Ah, to be four.

I tried hard to capture a sweet smile worthy of annoying Facebook with, but Abigail hates having her picture taken. I took about 100 photos today (albeit they are not all attempts to get Abigail to smile).

I have lots sweet, innocent, look down/off into the distance angles:

A few of the "are you still holding the camera?" glance:

Of course, some "all done" walk-aways:

and a few close runner-ups:

Some of the runner ups were nice, but I thought the Frozen stickers were distracting and all the "she's touching a toy I like" meltdowns were preventing me from Photoshopping them out. I did end up posting that one on the lower right on Facebook. (I liked that the camera's focus is on the foreground, it's not blurry, and you can see her freckles).

But in the end, I did get one genuine smile:

When my kids are older, I totally plan to let them skip school on their birthday if they want, but for Abigail, skipping school would be like punishing her, so off she went on the bus at precisely on time, much to her little heart's delight. And once she was gone, I compensated Eleanor by letting her play with Abigail's new birthday toy all by herself.

And we're going to file that away under "Things we'll take with us to the grave."

But I did arrange with Abigail's teacher to bring in some treats during snack time - mini banana cupcakes with hot pink sprinkles, mind you - and so in honor of my life-completing blessing, I woke Eleanor up early from her nap, slathered us in sunscreen, and ventured out into the 83 degree, 1,000,000% humid air to walk the 6,000 .6 miles to preschool.

Abigail was very excited to see Mommy and Baybee at school and Baybee was super enthralled by all the big kids running around. I totally love observing Abigail in school, seeing how she interacts with the other kids, how well she follows the teacher's directions. She's doing so well and growing so much. I don't know where we'd be without preschool.

For dinner, we went to...you guessed it! McDonald's. Why McDonald's? Because we're four. Abigail got her very first happy meal (which she split with Eleanor because she'll only eat the french fries). We ate at the restaurant, but I convinced her to pose with her toy and her adorably tiny fry pod when we got home.

You can see how thrilled she was about it. Anyway, when we returned home, Abigail sang "Happy Birthday" to herself (it was adorable) and actually attempted to blow out her candle for the first time. And Eleanor...Eleanor was ready for that cupcake.

"What a difference three year's makes!" Matt noted.

Yes, but what a difference four years makes.

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