08 April 2015

To Look Back is to Find Peace

Eleanor can stand on her own for a few seconds and is one heck of a furniture cruiser - she'll probably be walking by her first birthday. And once she walks...there won't be much adorable crawling. She started crawling around seven months. To be done by her twelfth? That only gives me five months of the adorable stage that is crawling - pig tails bouncing, chubby thighs scooting.

Sometimes when things are really frustrating, because, say, a certain someone is no longer interested in potty training. Or it's raining during all of spring break and ruining all the get out of this tiny apartment before we all kill each other plans. Sometimes when those things happen, it's beneficial to the soul to look back at all time that has passed and enjoy the good memories you've built up.

And when I'm wildly frustrated that we're still stuck in this ridiculous apartment when I want a house so bad it hurts...that is a good time to reminisce.

We weren't even married yet when that top picture was taken.

I think looking back helps me realize what's important. Helps me refocus. First kitchens, first cars, first pets. What do I miss the most about the Jacqueline who took those photos? What did she have in her life then that I want back? What did she keep or change that I need to appreciate more?

Life is good even when it's hard. And there's always something I can improve upon when it seems like everything is out of my hands, even if all I improve is my attitude.

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