27 March 2015

Uncertainty About the Road Ahead

Matt has been scoring some interviews lately, and the gamut of possible opportunities covers the board.

Just a bit of reminder background, Matt current position is only temporary. It currently runs until August of this year, but it could be renewed for a third and final year, which would buy us until August 2016. Chicago really isn't on the radar for us; the only foreseeable way we'd end up back is if Matt's boss from his post-graduate fellowship contacted him with a offer. While such is possible - Matt really liked that job and still stays in touch with the office - there isn't anything in the pipeline. I absolutely love Chicago and would give a lot to return, but Matt and I decided not to actively pursue anything.

The first interview (which he has today), is for a permanent position (yay!) about an hour and a half from where we currently live (boo!) in a really bad area (oi). I don't know how bad in terms of actual crime stats, but it's in what is known as the "crime corridor" than runs between two of America's most dangerous cities (Detroit and Flint). The job would include a raise and it's surrounded by very good areas and what Zillow claims are award-winning schools, but there is something about sending your husband off to work in the courts in one of the most dangerous areas in the country that gives a wife pause.

The second interview (which is in April), is for another temporary position. A two-year gig. I know what you're thinking: Why is this even an option?! Trust me, I asked Matt the same thing ("asked" is a nice way to put the vent session that occurred when I learned of the details). But it's a really good job for us. It's what Matt wants with a guy Matt really likes. And while it's only temporary, if he does well, the job is ripe with kick-ass opportunities for the future. This job is also an hour and a half from where we currently are - only 15-20 minutes from the first job, but the city is one of those surrounding good ones and it happens to house three of Matt's aunts. He has cousins who went through those school systems and would be able to give us an insider's perspective on good fits for Abigail.

We really don't want to move again and we really don't want to jerk Abigail around between schools (especially not during the school year - we don't know yet when either position would start). There are so very many moving pieces at this point that it is not even worth having a serious discussion about until we get past the initial interview stage. But every time he lands an interview, my mind starts buzzing with the road we'll take should this door open. It was a lot easier to make these decisions before we had to precious little girls whose vulnerable lives will be impacted by whatever we choose to do.

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Amelia Bentrup said...

Being in limbo is such a tough, tough, tough place to be. I can so understand your pain.

We've been there way, way, way too much lately. In fact, Ben and I were talking last night about how we finally, for the first time in about 6 years, may finally be "settled". (He signed a lease on an office near our house last week, so while we'll be moving again, it will just be a local move). Even with the uncertainty of starting a business, it is still SUCH a relief to not have a potential long-distance move in the foreseeable future.