13 March 2015

Today Was a Good Day

Today I got my first "your kids are too close in age" insult. I was actually pretty proud when it happened. It's always my friends who get the "I care too much about your sex life" comments (you know: "Are they all yours?" "Don't you know what causes that?") All the "teenagers shouldn't have babies" comments I used to get with Abigail have since dried up. So I was actually pretty stoked when the elevator doors closed and she turned to me. "Oh, wow. Mine were farther apart."  In her defense, I don't think she intended it to be rude. The funny thing is that she didn't even ask how old the girls are!

I didn't say anything to her. I just stood there with an unamused stare. I find that for someone like me, an introvert who is not quick witted, the best thing to do is to allow awkward silence to work its magic. The magic is extra powerful when the other person is trapped on an elevator with her awkward silence. When we reached our destination, she bolted out the doors and stayed at least five steps in front of me all the way to the parking garage.

* * * * *

Fridays are always a bit tough for us. It's the only day Abigail doesn't have preschool, so my regular Monday - Thursday routine isn't viable. Plus with no basement or backyard and treacherous sidewalks to the nearest snow-covered park, Abigail goes stir crazy stuck in our apartment. Keeping her quiet during Eleanor's twice daily naps is a challenge. (It's made even more fun by the fact that the girls' room and the living room share a wall). So on Fridays, I try to throw the girls a curve ball. I schedule appointments for that day (hence the elevator encounter), maybe run an errand when my car isn't totaled, or break out a toy they haven't seen in a while (like last week's teepee ball pit). Fun diversions mean Abigail is more likely to color or play with play dough when I need her to be quiet.

So before today's doctor appointment, we went to Target. Of course, I went in needing, like, three things and came out with five bags.

In my defense, one of those bags is stuffed with the coats we wore out that morning!

They had a generous rack of clearance shirts, Easter sweaters on sale (Paring new sweaters with skirts they already own will be cheaper than buying new dresses! I reasoned as I threw them in the cart), and Abigail had a month's worth of allowance ($10) she'd been saving up for some Curious George DVDs ($5 a piece - regular price - at Target). They must have just gone through the store and marked down all the merchandise for clearance because in a stack of clearance shoes, I found the greatest shoes in the history of shoes.

Rainbow sequin high tops with purple sparkly laces. In Abigail's size. I managed to get a pair in the cart before I swooned.

I think it's crazy how kids develop a style all their own, even while they are so young that we pick everything out for them. Abigail's style is definitely pink, pink, pink, sparkly, hot pink, hot pink, sparkly, pink, and sparkly.

Oh my goodness. Anyway, we got home, napped, snacked, and needed another diversion. There is still snow piled on the sidewalk, but we decided to venture out for a stroll anyway. And we took Cat.

No, seriously. We took our cat for a walk.

I put on her cat harness (yes, seriously), and stuck her in the basket beneath the stroller. She meowed like she was going to the vet the entire time, which the girls thought was the funnest thing ever. When it's Cat's time and her life flashes before her eyes, I am certain that she will see this moment.

I tried to snap some selfies with the girls, but Abigail kept purposely leaning out of the picture and Eleanor didn't understand why she couldn't eat Teddy Grams while selfie-ing.

Abigail's "not amused" face: 

The pediatrician at Eleanor's latest wellness visit is concerned that she's eating above her pay grade and is a bit delayed in speech ("Do you think Eleanor can hear?" She asked me). But my mommy gut? It tells me she is so totally fine.

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Cammie Wollner said...

I love the phrase "eating above her pay grade." And it made me wonder if we have the same pediatrician!