02 March 2015

Running in Sand

I wish I could say things are getting easier around here, but they're not; I'm really just solving old problems at the pace in which new ones are arriving. We're trudging through depths of thick, suction-y mud. I feel like I'm running on sand - so much energy just to keep pace. I am certainly glad all this is happening during lent though, suffering during the season of penitence. Offering it all up for my family and all the prayer requests my friends post on Facebook.

We have a plan in place that should land us a new (used) car this week. My brother-in-law is very generously lending us his pickup truck for as long as we need it, but driving it is intimidating. A Focus next to a pickup is like a kayak next to a yacht. It took me a few rounds, but I'm finally comfortable driving. Parking it is another story. I'm avoiding all places with small or tight parking lots until I'm back in my little sedan. No chiropractors or orthotists or yarn runs for us.

There are two bits of good news in all this, though. Eleanor is continuing to sleep in her crib in "the girls' room" without problem. She sometimes wakes up once to nurse. That's it. Getting regular full nights' sleep in the midst of all this mess has been a huge relief. I don't even want to think about how much more challenging all this would be if my brain was fried. Secondly, I haven't gained weight. Normally I stress eat my way through life, but we gave up eating out for lent, so I find myself making eggs instead of asking Matt to pick up a pizza on his way home on bad days. Plus being scared to park a giant truck makes runs to the grocery store for chocolate less appealing.

Well, that is honestly all I have right now - I don't even have a cute kid picture to post. I just wanted to pop in and say something.

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Anonymous said...

God bless you! The stress of needing to buy a car because suddenly you don't have one was hard on me, ESP as the grocery-runner in our house. And also bc it happened six days before Christmas.

I was reading about Joseph in the Old Testament yesterday and marveling at his steadfast faith -his entire life was turned upside unjustly a number of times, and he didn't feel sorry for himself or get angry, he held his head up and prayed to God for help, with confidence. Imagine going from being the favored son in your father's household to slavery in a foreign land, or a well-respected man in charge of others to thrown into prison by a false accusation -MAJOR life changes! And he confidently turned to God in prayer. What a lesson for me! I wish I had read it 2-3 months ago!

Reading about driving a different, larger vehicle was a challenge for me too, and one that made me angry bc I did not chose it for myself. But Gods ways are not our ways and we are worth more than sparrows, so Deo gratias! :-). TB