09 March 2015

Plugging Along

Instead of turning into a terrorizing stink bomb, Abigail has become a little snuggle bug this daylight savings time. She sits down on the floor with her blanket, arranges it very neatly over her lap, and holds her arms up to be picked up. She just wants to snuggle up with her head on my chest and let me play with her hair. It is a wonderful little break from real life. We still haven't gotten the new car yet, the check we were promised on Friday was rescheduled to today - although it is not yet in my hands, Eleanor has new teeth popping through, and I'm still struggling to get my milk back. I am lining up all the tasks we had to postpone when the accident occurred. Orthotists, dentists, etc. It all...just is and it's plugging along and I have no exciting breakthroughs to report.

So here, instead, are random bits of our non-accident-related life.

Eleanor, who will be ten-months-old tomorrow, is already obviously right-handed. Abigail, who is 3-years and 9-months-old, is not letting on to which side she'll prefer. She throws left-handed, but writes with both hands. Maybe she'll be ambidextrous?

We made a teepee ball pit last week. Abigail threw the balls out, Eleanor put them back in.

The weather is warming up - highs reaching into the 30s and 40s - and the ample sunshine is making for some excellent puddle walks (walks in which you wear water-proof shoes and tromp through snow-melt puddles). The girls and I are incredibly excited to get out for these little walks. Nothing like a little sun and fresh air to boost the spirits.

In seven short weeks, it'll be my seventh anniversary, and then two weeks later, it'll be the girls' birthdays, so I'm at the point in the timetable where I excitedly brainstorm ideas. An anniversary hike? A birthday trip to the Detroit Zoo? What is a good dinner for the world's pickiest four-year-old and a one-year-old? Would they rather have cake or ice cream for dessert? How can I use the traditional gifts of wool and copper to convince Matt to buy me a house for our anniversary? These, my friends, are the questions I ask myself when I am on hold with the insurance company.

Cat knows she is very lucky. She knows she can always trust Abigail to ensure she gets her fill of cat treats.

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Katy said...

I love that your girls wear matching jammies!