23 February 2015

The Photos

Today went way better than expected. The doctor said I look pretty good, and - in the light of day, without the cold and the adrenaline and the crying baby - the car looked better than I remember. We'll get the official word tomorrow, but it certainly doesn't appear to my untrained eye to be a totaled vehicle.


Allison said...

That actually looks kind of bad to me! Car repairs are so ridiculously expensive, so if the repairs were more than the cost of the equivalent cost of your car if you were to buy another one, then I guess it'd be totalled, and I could easily see that happening with how expensive repairs are! I swear, everything car related is so expensive, my husband accidentally smashed his mirror on his truck the other day and just the part is $100!

Liz said...

You poor girl! Glad you and E are safe at least!!!

p.s. I agree, it does look pretty bad -- airbag replacement esp.

Anonymous said...

Our van certainly didn't look totaled, but the back and side smash up was more than $7,000 to fix, so it was. We got $7,001.56 from insurance, and turned around and bought a solid steel frame Excursion for $7,000. So we came out $1.56 ahead.

But dealing with insurance reps and all the crapfog that comes in the wake of losing your car, I don't know what's that's worth, and we haven't closed out our claim yet, but it feels like A LOT. Thanks be to God for the grace of the sacrament of matrimony! TB

Amelia Bentrup said...

SO glad you are okay. .

And from what I understand, "totalled" mostly has to do with the cost of the repairs in comparision to the worth of the vehicle. So an older vehicle will be totalled with much less damange than a newer vehicle.

When we were in FL, I was rear-ended in our van, and that caused about 2800 worth of damage. Our minivan was only valued at about 2500. But instead of the insurance company calling the car a total loss...they called it something else so basically we got the 2500 and we kept our van and just drove it around, damanged for another 1.5 years. It was totally drivavble, but the rear end bumper was falling off and some internal beam on the bumper was snapped. Or something like that. It probably wouldn't have been safe if we were rear-eneded again, but thankfully we weren't. And you do what you gotta do.

Anyway, after we left Florida, it worked out that my parents were moving several states away and didn't want their 12 passenger van anymore so they gave it to us. So now, that is what we drive, and we sold our "totalled" van for a whopping 375,