15 February 2015

Link Ups - WIWS and Diaper Bag

While Eleanor sleeping in Abigail's room is still going incredibly well, I'm going to save that blog post for Tuesday. I had tried things in the past that were successful for a few days, so we're going to give Eleanor more time to prove herself before we start toasting victory.

In the meantime, I'm actually going to do two link-ups! What I Wore Sunday and one about what is in my diaper bag. Most of my blog friends do these, but I haven't participated before. As per usual, I'm not actually going to link my blog to the host site, but I included them above in case you'd like to link up your own blog.

First is What I Wore Sunday, although I'm also modeling my diaper bag.

The boots I got on a black friday sale last year for $20 - I got them in the afternoon, no early morning door busters for me. The leggings are lined and were a Christmas present this past Christmas, the black shirt was $2.89 and the pink tank top underneath (which you can't see in these photos) was $.88, both off the clearance rack at Old Navy. The sweater was $15 from H&M, which I bought to wear over a dress for Christmas this year. The chunky necklace is actually a teething necklace from an Etsy shop. And about half way through Mass, I ended up wearing Eleanor in my favorite sling, which I got on Zulily for $40 or $45.

Now for my diaper bag!

So the reason I decided to do "what's in my diaper bag" is because when we went out on a family lunch date yesterday, I saw Eleanor dropping macaroni and cheese noodles in my bag. So this morning called for a full-scale clean-out because the last thing I want in my diaper bag is moldy cheese.

I am in love with my diaper bag. The tote bag I used when Abigail was little wasn't working anymore, and I spent months and months trying to find something I liked. I actually found this one in a baby magazine at the doctor's office when Matt and I were waiting to find out Eleanor's gender. I loved the look of it, so I snapped a picture and did some research online. It was rather expensive, I thought, but after much hemming and hawwing, I finally pulled the trigger. It was $110, but it's totally worth it! And the quality is definitely that of a $110 bag. So what's in it? All this:

A changing pad (that came with the bag); a clutch full of diapers and wipes; a foldable reuseable bag (from the Chicago Public Library); another clutch with wet ones, a first-aid kit, sunscreen, lotion, and tissues; a nursing cover a friend made me when I was pregnant with Abigail (I couldn't nurse Abigail, but I saved it and use it with Eleanor), my keys, pens, cell phone, more tissues, my wallet; a bag to hold dirty cloth diapers; a make-up pouch that I stuff with extra pony tails for me and the girls, refresh cloth wipes, a maxipad, contact refresher drops, nail clippers and nail file, a hair pick, blush, lotion, and body spray; then I have some hand sanitizer, lip stick, lip gloss, a glasses cloth, and a little yellow pouch with Rosary. Phew. That's a lot.

A lot gets stashed in the three pouches in the bag and the pouch on the outside of the bag. The rest is organized in such a manner:

And then packed in my bag with room to spare. I definitely have enough space to throw in toys for the girls, snacks, or extra diapers if it's going to be a really long day.

I also have this handy compass (with thermometer!) that I used to keep clipped to my coat before I had this bag and used a ton in Chicago. I have a really good head for maps and compasses help me get to the place I see in my head.

The bag has a nice, slim profile even when fully packed.

And the location of that elusive macaroni noodle, to which I owe this narcissistic blog post, is still unknown. Adorable little sneak.

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Amelia Bentrup said...

You look great! And that diaper bag looks totally cool.