22 February 2015

Day of Rest

Today has truly been a day of rest - for the body and home. The first day of calm after days of swirling storm and likely the last day before more whirlwinds of decisions made and money spent.

On Saturday morning, my left hand was still tingling and Eleanor was particularly fussy and clingy. I could not put her down and she would not even consent to letting Matt hold her. So I recruited family to drive us up to the ER while Matt and Abigail stayed home and coordinated the use of his brother's truck for the next few weeks.

It was a long, very emotionally draining visit to the hospital, as ER trips always are. In short: they quickly determined that Eleanor had no accident-related injuries, but instead some sort of infection. They attributed my tingling to some sort of nerve injury in the neck. They ran tests on us both and put me in a neck brace while we waited for the results. Note: breastfeeding a sore, feverish baby when you have mastitis and are in a neck brace less than 24 hours after you've been in the worst car accident of your life is wildly difficult.

At some point, they decided that my injury was minor enough to not require treatment (and removed the brace), but were concerned about Eleanor. We then sat in that tiny, mostly yellow room for several hours. Hours. In a tiny, yellow room. When they finally returned, they decided that Eleanor was fine, but now I was not. The nurse practitioner said they were willing to discharge her, but she couldn't let me go with my labs looking the way they did. The mastitis was bad, bad, bad and she was willing to admit me to the hospital. She point-blank asked me to consider holding off nursing Eleanor for a few days so she could give me a very powerful antibiotic. We talked for a bit, and because I didn't have a fever, she was willing to entertain the idea of letting me go home. In the end, that's what we did, armed with a strict list of symptoms to look out for. "I'm going to loose sleep over you," she told me before I left. "Have a low tolerance for returning to the ER tonight."

Thankfully I did not have to return to the hospital last night and the mastitis even diminished a bit (my OB/GYN called in a prescription for me on Friday afternoon). There is one hell of a bruise underneath all that redness. But the bad part is that I think an abscess is starting to form. I'm not exactly sure, but Matt and I consulted with Dr. Google and decided that as long as my temps are normal, I'm probably safe to wait until Monday, when I'll call my OB/GYN as soon as they open to explain my situation and get a same-day appointment.

So after Mastitis Thursday, Car Accident Friday, and ER Saturday, I shouldn't be surprised that I finally succumbed to Abigail's cold. The same cold that kept her out of school every day of last week. Because when it rains, it fucking pours.

So today, the day there is no work, no school, and no open auto body shops, we all stayed home. (We figured between everything we had a get-out-of-Mass-free card today). We made it a day of rest - lots of napping, lots of playing computer games, lots of hot compresses. And also a day of preparations - I washed the dishes, Matt bathed the girls, I roasted three pounds of beef in the slow cooker and made a fresh loaf of bread in the bread machine, Matt cleared out the trash. These next few days are probably going to be rather tumultuous. First there are car issues. Gotta call the body shop, gotta call the insurance company. Gotta pick up when the adjuster calls. We'll find out tomorrow if the car is totaled or repairable (I will take pictures and post them) and decide how we want to proceed. Car decisions are so life-changing. My laptop is filling up with sticky notes. Key words to remind me of important things.

Important details have been shmeered to protect the innocent.

The doctor might decide my mastitis/abscess issues require intervention that could either lead to a lengthy afternoon or land me in the hospital for a day or two (that is the nurse practitioner's prediction). It'll be good to have a clean house and a full fridge in the midst of it all.

And chocolate chip muffins. It'll be good to have chocolate chip muffins tomorrow too. I'm taking them with us to the doctor, just in case. 

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