03 February 2015

Comforting Rejection

I got another rejection letter about my memoirs. They're "not acquiring memoirs at this time." There is something very comforting about receiving a rejection letter - phew, I don't have to leave my comfort zone yet. My name won't be splashed anywhere. Right now if you Google my full name, not much comes up and I rather like that. No part of me yearns for greatness, but a lot of me yearns to be those parents in the Toyota commercial.

Even though I'm going to make an attempt to spend less time crocheting in order to spend more time writing and reading, I'll certainly always have one project going. Today I started a pair of socks for myself with yarn I bought a year or two ago. The first pair I've ever made for myself, in fact, despite the four pairs I've made for other people. I found the pattern online for free.

Over the years I've learned that when you go to the store in the few days preceding a holiday, I may get the best sale price, but I will have no selection. I let Abigail pick out her own Valentines for her class party next week, giving her a choice between kitties and puppies, holographic wild animals, and Frozen valentines. Guess which one she chose?

I also got some bubbles instead of candy for her to give out to her classmates (the kids eat a ton of sugar at the party and then come home with a treat bag from a few of the other students, so I definitely don't need to be contributing any junk food). At $3 for the bubbles and $1.50 for the valentines, we certainly weren't breaking the bank.

Sorry for the lack of pep in today's post. It was an exhausting night last night, which always translates into a tired day. I'm off to do a little writing with the story cubes. And here, randomly, is what Cat is doing right now as I type away:


Cammie Wollner said...

That yarn looks so soft that I want to touch it!

And I'm totally disappointed by the letter because I'm eagerly awaiting the day when your book is available to buy!!!

Matt said...

dun na nu nu na nu nu na cat cat Cat!