12 February 2015

5 Minute Friday - Keep

Two tired girls, two cribs, one room. We'll see how this goes. So far Eleanor, who was rocked completely asleep before being placed down, is strongly protesting being left in her crib in this new location. But I don't hear Abigail, yet. I need sleep. I need sleep to be a good mom during the day. Breaking. Point. Is. Right. Here. Right. Now.

Parenting comes in waves of "Holy shit, I think I may die" and "Holy shit, I totally have this." Right now I’m in a "Holy shit, I think I may die" phase. (I didn't think that up myself, I got it from funny mom blogger.)

Anyway, I could complain all the live-long day about how both girls have colds and I got two hours of sleep total on Tuesday night and how I burnt the shit out of the cookies for Abigail's class party today and all kinds of other things, but lately I feel like all I do is complain, so instead I'm going to use last Friday's 5 Minute Friday as a prompt for something more positive.


On Tuesday I hosted my first-ever girls' night since being back in Michigan and one of the topics that came up was baby books. Everyone was swapping stories of half-started baby books, scraps of paper staked in a pile in a shoe box somewhere, calendars with notes scrawled on them, promise after promise made to finish everyone's books at some point in time. I remember hearing these same comments, said half-jokingly, half-sadly before I had kids, so when I was pregnant with Abigail, I was careful to learn from my friends' experiences. I chose baby books that were not too daunting, I didn't even attempt scrapbooks, I made a note in my planner on each month birthday to go through the baby book, and so far, I've kept up with both girls. But I realized last night as everyone was talking that really, my blog is my girls' baby books. My blog is my scrapbook of all the places I've lived. It's the place where their silly antics, heart aching medical issues, daily growth is all played out. It'll be six years next month that we've been together, you and me. That's really something. Maybe this year on the anniversary of my first blog post, I should figure out how to download all my posts. I'll save them up, maybe bind them for myself: my own life anthology that I can keep and read when I'm old and gray and I long for the day when I had two tired girls in two cribs in one room.

And thankfully I now have two sleeping girls in two cribs in one room.


~Katherine~ said...

"Parenting comes in waves of "Holy shit, I think I may die" and "Holy shit, I totally have this." "


And YAY FOR SLEEPING BABIES! Now go get yourself some sleep. :)

Cammie Wollner said...

I was thinking the same thing during that conversation! I kept a baby book for Sadie until she was about six months old, which is when I started blogging. And I'll admit that when I want to know something, like how big one kid was compared to the others at the same age, I'll do a search and find the old doctor's appointments that I wrote about and see the heights and weights at the same age. It's one of the things I appreciate so much about blogging.

And I had so much fun visiting with and meeting everyone! Thank you so much for hosting. And I cannot believe how good those cupcake cups were! Delicious!