14 January 2015

Posting Photos

A few weeks ago, a Facebook friend (and real-life acquaintance) posted online that he was tired of only seeing pictures of people's kids. As you can imagine, it was a rather huge controversy for him, one in which that cost him several (Facebook) friends. His position is one I've been meditating over lately, as I half agree with it! I agree with the initial premise: I'm friends with you so that I can stay in touch with you. Not your kid. Ever since I joined Facebook, I've tried to keep my profile picture one that always includes me. I'm not running Eleanor's Facebook page, so it's odd if my profile picture is only of Eleanor. But that being said, thinking about his point the last few weeks made me realize that the pictures I post on my wall and on my blog here tend to be mostly just my kids. So I guess I am guilty of posting too high of a percentage of kid pictures.

It's a fine line, the kid-posting pictures line. The all-consuming factor in my life right now is my children, who are still so young that there really isn't anything else going on. There are no date nights, there are no women's retreats, there aren't even any real vacations. What else would I post pictures of? The dishes? The cat? The snow?

The very honest state of my kitchen right now.

Cat a few days ago.

My front yard as of fifteen seconds ago.

Does anyone on Facebook really want to see more than one of those a month? Should I be posting more pictures of me? Me without make up? Selfies of spit-up on my shirt, my bangs too long, my waist still too flabby?

And the truth is I like seeing pictures of other people's kids. My friends have really cute kids. But I also like seeing pictures of them too. They always look better than they think they do. And their kitchens. And what their front yards look like. Those are the things I'd see if we were likin' each other's lives in person instead of just online.

So maybe I do need to post more pictures of the few teeny little other things that squeak in between the adorable Cubby Buns.

Oh gosh, Chubby Cubby Buns even make her screaming more bear-able.

I'm constantly wondering in my head if I'm over-exposing my kids online. I don't want to tie on the baggage of having a "blogger mom" to their childhoods. It leads me to wonder I'm over-exposing my personal life online. What are the long-term consequences of this blog? Will I regret anything I've posted in ten years? Am I even contributing anything to the world?

All that from a complaint that a friend posted about too many kid pictures.

I don't know the answer to any of those yet. But I do know that I'm going to become a more conscientious photo poster. I think that's a good place to start.


Anonymous said...

You are contributing something -when I'm having a hard time at home, I type JourneyNarrative into my phone to see what words of wisdom you have to share. And it always lightens my mood and reminds me that I'm not the only struggling Mama in the world! For what it's worth, TB. :-)

Amelia Bentrup said...

I think you contribute a lot to the online world as well! I alawys enjoy your blog.

And, I like it when people post pictures of themselves..it makes me feel like I "know" the person better. I like seeing pictures of kids, but I actually do really like seeing pictures of the person themselves. It makes them seem more real and personal.