09 January 2015

In The Blizzard of Bad

This week sucked.

Every day of it sucked. Between the poppy diaper that was taken off a toddler tuchus without adult supervision to the screaming, hysterical sobbing coming from two carseats as I fish-tailed through a blizzard for an hour twice, this week has sucked me dry.

Something is really bugging Eleanor and I can't figure it out - nothing seems to be working except carrying her. Constantly. For hours on end. When she's in the car and I can't carry her, she gets really loud. Then Abigail looses it. Which causes Eleanor to escalate the situation. Which makes Abigail worse. The next thing I know, I'm screaming too.

Every day is a struggle to make something good. A trip to the craft store where Abigail picks out her own yarn for a sweater I'm gonna make her, chocolate chip smiley face pancakes for dinner, a little mommy time at a water fitness class, some hubby time with funny comedy shows online after the kids go to bed. And even though things get sucky again, at least we had that moment. That one little break when we smiled and everything was good.

When the kids woke up at 6am this morning, Eleanor sobbing, Abigail bright eyed and bushy tailed, I tried again. We turned on some music. We put on some lip gloss. We used salt spray to make messy buns and take silly pictures.

And even though today is sucking too, at least we smiled during some part of it. But this week has really been a little microcosm of the entire world, has it not?

This dirty, fallen, sinful world where bad things happen to good people. We have to keep trying. We have to keeping showing our kids how to pick ourselves back up. We have to teach them how to find the good, how to keep praying, how to make little moments of good in blizzards of bad. And most importantly, when we make the bad worse, by screaming in the car, we have to show our kids how to confess our sins, accept forgiveness, and move forward. Say we're sorry, give hugs, dance and put on lip gloss.

Yeah this week sucks, but her hair looks really red in that light. That's a girly toddler metaphor for getting a glimpse of Heaven while here on earth. Shake it off, and remember that this world and its suckiness are not our home.

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~Katherine~ said...

I'm sorry. :( That just sounds like a truly horrible, awful week. If you lived near me (and, you know, if I actually knew you in real life so this wouldn't be weird and stalker-y :p) this would be the point at which I dropped off dinner on your doorstep. Because I have SO been there, and it's ghastly.


I hope that some light comes into the Abigail situation soon, and that you all get some much-needed peace and rest!

*sends thoughts of chocolate your way*