07 December 2014

The Flu

We have the flu. The full-blown flu. I don't really remember ever having the proper flu before, which I am finding to be quite different that the common cold. But this year, despite our flu vaccines, some random strain found its way into our little apartment. My bets are on the preschool.

We have an ad hoc system where Matt gets the blonde and I get the brunette. It has its pros and cons (mine naps more, but his sits quietly and watches movies). Abigail was bad enough last night that Matt had to set up camp on the floor in her bedroom for the duration of the night. Eleanor's flu seems to be much milder, but she still sobs whenever she can't see me. That's one perk of living in a tiny place: she can pretty much always see me. The downside? There is no place to stash the trash everyone is too sick to take out.

And just because when it rains, it pours, I have to have another kidney treatment done, preferably before the holidays. I went in for a follow-up from the initial surgery in October and the doctor found a few fragments left over from the break-up of the first stone. Everything appeared to be cleared out, but the doctor said the tubes must have been hiding the contraband. This time it'll be a non-invasive procedure where they knock me out and then blast me with shockwaves. The nurse said I can expect to be back up and feeling like normal that evening, but online testimonies have me believing I'll be sore and bruised for a day or two. Hopefully this clears them out because I definitely want to be done with my kidneys for a while.

I think jobs should give employees bonus sick time for each additional child they have. Wouldn't that be nice? Matt gets 1/2 day each payday, I think, but I think he should get an additional 1/4 day for each child. At the rate we eat up vacation and sick time, we are never going to be able to take a vacation. If somehow, of course, we randomly had enough money for a vacation on top of the house and the second car we will one day buy.

I have a new camera with over 180 pictures on it, but I do not feel like downloading and trying to sort them all. So, until then, may you never encounter a flu virus not covered by the vaccine.

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