07 November 2014

The Great Dresser Reveal

Thank you all for the advice on my last post - I very much appreciate it. As promised, here is the great dresser reveal.

So the girls' old dresser was literally falling apart. And the top was so bowed and the remaining door so jammed that you had to open the door in order to open and close the drawers. And you had to pull up on the top of the dresser in order to close the door. It was a mess. The dresser was a vacant hand-me-down from my parents that we took possession of when we moved back to Michigan between Florida and Chicago (when Matt was studying for and taking the bar exam). It was one of those pressed wood deals that you put together yourself. We estimate that it was about 11 or 12 years old.

It had had a good life. And I thought long and hard about what I wanted to replace it with. Because we live in a small space, furniture that minimizes floor space and maximize height are ideal. I need more space in the girls' room. And places to put things such that toddlers can't reach them. And of course, budget is king.

Craigslist, here we come. Oh, it was beautiful, my friends. Sitting in a barn all summer, covered in dirt and dust. It was that medium-shade of wood that dated itself to the 80s. And it was cheap.

We hauled it to my parents' house, where there is space and advice on redoing furniture. This was my first re-do. Mineral oil, sand, prime, paint. Proper kitty supervision.

And...are you ready for this? No, seriously, are you sure you can handle the awesome girly-ness that is about to appear?

I LOVE the way it came out. It holds more clothes, Abigail can't reach the top, and it takes up less floor space. And it's age-proof - adorable for a little girl's room, but this is totally something that would look natural in a teenager's room.


It turns out that I absolutely love redoing furniture and I have a ton of pink paint left, so I definitely envision a matching headboard when Abigail gets a toddler bed...


Diane said...

That is fantastic! I love it. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Good work! you should be proud of yourself! TB

Cammie Wollner said...

I love it! The colors are so perfect for the girls' room!!!