23 November 2014

The Good, the Bad, and the Totally Worth It

If anyone is still out there reading my incredibly sporadic updates, I want to say "thank you." It hasn't been a case of intentional blog abuse, but rather, blog neglect. Maybe Matt and I have been talking shop too much lately? Both girls have been sick, sick, sick with a particularly bad common cold. I thought we were out of the woods until Saturday morning when both girls woke up with snot encrusted...everywhere. The cold keeps them up at night, wakes them up at 5am, and screws with the nap schedule, which keeps us up at night, wakes us up at 5am, and prevents me from sneaking a nap in during the afternoon.

Plus Matt's been under pressure at work to hit looming deadlines on reports that need about twice the amount of time he's given. The result? He's had to bring work home almost every evening. Busy days, busy evenings. And random car trouble.

You know how some people dress up their dog, put him on their Christmas cards, and call him their "baby"? That's how I feel about my car. I love my car. We have a serious thing going. And it's a 2011 model year, so it definitely is way too young to be dying at gas stations on Wednesday nights. Thankfully it happened 10 minutes from our apartment, so Matt could easily walk home, but we live in a tiny little rural town, so no shop was open at 5:37pm when Matt called around. Also thankfully, it turned out to just be a battery issue, but Matt had to take Thursday off, call a tow, work from the waiting room of a car-repair shop while the mechanic ran around town looking for the right part.

BUT it hasn't been all bad. Recent successes include: getting Eleanor to sleep around 7 or 8pm ALONE in HER crib (which is still in our room), granting me 2-3 hours to myself in the evenings. (She usually wakes between 11pm and 1am and migrates back to our bed.) But with those few hours, for the first time EVER in my life, I finished making all the homemade Christmas presents before Thanksgiving! I'm not one of those people who strives to finish all the holiday shopping before Thanksgiving, but I'm sick of the stress, late nights, and panic of scrambling to finish the crafted gifts.

More successes include the reading of a couple of good books (I've been shutting off the electronics 30-60 minutes before bed and doing some reading to help with the insomnia that still haunts me despite my sleep deprivation), and a kick-ass husband who took bedtime duty on Friday so I could go to a girls' night, both girls on Saturday so I could nap, and stayed home with the sickies again this morning so I could go to Mass. I'm very blessed that he's such an involved father and thoughtful husband.

Okay, now on to cute baby pictures.

She can army crawl, get into a proper crawling position, and plank. Yes, a planking six-month-old.

I also have a series of recommendations, based on the recent ups and downs of my week.

-The Lego Movie is hilarious and totally kid appropriate
-Gone Girl is a spectacular book
-Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan is hilarious book I'd totally recommend to parents of young-ish kids. Everytime I pick it up, I end up laughing until I have tears in my eyes.
-Jim Gaffigan's stand up is totally worth renting on Amazon or Netflix or whatever. Again, you'll laugh until you have tears and he's totally a clean comic (Catholic, even, with 5 kids, but he's hilarious even if you're not religious)

Here's to a good week. Thankfully, it's a short one.

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Diane said...

I read your blog. My 2 grandkids are the ages of your kids so that makes it fun. My daughter would be thrilled if her 6 month old had half the hair that Eleanor has. She is still almost bald so my daughter puts headbands on her to identify her as "girl". My grandson, on the other hand, has a full head of lovely dark hair.