03 November 2014

The Ballerina

If we could have gone as anything for Halloween, I would have us go as the Avengers. I don't know anything about them except what is portrayed in the recent glut of movies, but I do like that version of the super heros. Abigail would go as Iron Man because of her heart, Eleanor as the Hulk because that would be hilarious, and, if everything was going my way, I'd be Captain America and Matt would be Thor, but Matt hates dressing up, so I'd compromise that he could be Captain America since he likes him in the movie best, and I'd go as Black Widow because we're both female. But we didn't want to spend a lot of money on costumes, I wasn't going to go to that much trouble to craft something, and what with surgery and the girls being so young, we actually decided not to do anything for Halloween this year. But the day before surgery, I got a note in Abigail's backpack that her class was having a costume party and was even going to parade around the school.

After a sufficient freakout, I settled on Abigail going as a ballerina, which would only require a minimal number of items that needed purchasing. As the days filled up and ticked by, I ran out of time to buy the items and my neighborhood Meijer offered nothing in which I was interested in having my toddler wear around. But instead of freaking out, I buckled down and managed to put together a costume with stuff we already had in the apartment.

I found Abigail's old tutus from her first Easter and her first birthday party and combined them to make a bigger one (that took maybe one hour and I didn't need any new supplies). I don't have any plain pink onesies in her current size, but I dug through the outgrown clothes and found a onesie in the perfect shade of peachy pink. Size 12 months. But it still fit. I put it over some black leggings, added some pink leg warmers, tied the hair up in a bun and wrapped it with some extra tulle from the skirt, and voila - ballerina.

She loved the tutu and proceeded to dance around the apartment staring at it the whole time.

For Eleanor, I pulled out some old crocheted cat ears from one of Abigail's past Halloween costumes and paired it with the leopard print sleeper she'd just worn the night before.

We were pretty successful at the class party. See if you can find Abigail - she's a bit difficult to spot.

The Amazing Ms. N is the one in the spider get up in the middle. She was more than happy to regale me with tales of how great Abigail was doing in class. And how her tinniest student is the one who keeps getting in trouble for pushing the other kids. We think she's doing it to initiate play and she's so small that she never actually hurts the other students, but still. I asked Ms. N how she deals with it, and it turns out that how Abigail corrects Eleanor for touching a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g is how Ms. N. corrects Abigail when she shoves another kid.

Well, at least we know she's internalizing the lesson.

Cute, tiny, little ballerina in a huge, pink, poufy skirt. Who would have thought she'd be the bully?

Oh geeze. We still didn't go out trick-or-treating though. It snowed on Halloween, my friends, it rained, then snowed, and was cold and nasty.

Well, my friends, I finished the dresser remodel - it looks incredible and I will host the great reveal later this week. In the meantime, Happy post-Halloween, Cat.

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