12 November 2014


I've been blogging a lot lately. Sometimes I think of this blog as my best friend - an open forum where I can talk without interruption, have adult conversations, and my lovely readers never chastise my decision to send Abigail to public school or tell me my birth story isn't important (yup, that was a fun conversation to have 8.5 months pregnant). It's a lovely little support group at a time in my life when doing anything outside the house on a regular basis is impossible.

My children have not yet acclimated to the time change, but only in so far as when they wake up. The girls wake up at 5:30am. They go to bed and take naps at the new time, but they wake up at the old time. They are then cranky and clingy and Abigail likes to find ways to misbehave for attention all day long. Like how she just bit Eleanor hard on the hand while I was typing the first paragraph. And I tend to have fussy, clingy children in general, so...that's kind of saying a lot.

Abigail is developing at a pace so fast I can barely keep up. I think we've hit the point where I can't really call her "non-verbal" anymore. She's got all kinds of complete sentences, can say "Love you" (she has yet to initiate the sentence, she only says it in response to us), and can quote practically all the lines from Frozen along with the characters. The downside of a verbal toddler is the "toddler" part - she tells us to "Go 'way!", chastises Eleanor for just about everything, and is bossy as hell (" 'mer, Daddy; sit down!"). They always would ask me in therapy to "describe Abigail in three words" and I would still use some of the words I've been using since she was a baby: Abigail is sassy, flirty, and independent. Now that she's older, I'd add that she's an introvert and she tends to keep her feelings inside.

Eleanor is harder to describe because she's still so young, but she's definitely clingy, needy, and observant. She is six months old now, has her two bottom teeth, and is strong. She ought to be though, as she's about as big as the average 9-month-old. She's been rolling for a few months now and can scoot and turn around on her belly. And she can plank. Really, she can hold a true and proper plank for about two seconds. On her hands even, not her elbows.

She loves toys in a way Abigail never did. I don't have much entertainment for babies her age since Abigail was never really interested in stuff when she was a baby, so Matt and I bought her a Little People toy for her six-month birthday (not something we typically celebrate, just an excuse to get her something to play with). It's so crazy how much she lunges for toys, enjoys batting things out of her range to try to get them, wants to practice tummy time, and how often she checks in with me when playing. The two girls are way different.

I feel like I'm not allowed to say that. The official Ds promotion line is: "More alike than different!" and my girls are in that they are both human. But the way they interpret and interact with the world is way different.

Matt had the day off work yesterday and it was wonderful. Life is nicer when the husband is home. I even managed to do the dishes, some laundry, and make bread. Usually I never get stuff done on days when he's home.

I had scheduled Eleanor's 6-month wellness visit for yesterday and Matt and I lugged the girls up there at 9am only to learn that they didn't have us on the schedule. No apology, just a "we'll call you if we have any cancelations." Which is wildly inconvenient for me because we're a one-car family. I've actually been forgotten in that office two previous times. Once when Eleanor was a few days old, they wanted us to come in to discuss her jaundice levels. We were assigned a room, a nurse visited us, then we just waited. Finally after an hour, I couldn't wait any longer and went to let the receptionist know we'd have to reschedule. It was then that she discovered the oops. I'm so hesitant to leave the office despite the bad attitude of the office staff and the number of times we've been forgotten because two of the doctors there are amazing, they are the only gig in town (it's nice to have a close pediatrician), and the lady in charge of referrals is super on top of her game (our insurance requires referrals and Abigail sees a lot of specialists) - never once has a missing referral ever been the pediatrician's fault.

*Sigh,* well, I think I'm out of time for today. It was a good meeting, friends, I enjoyed blabbing about randomness, it helped clear out some of the scramble that is my brain on small children.

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