10 November 2014

Enjoying Monotony

I long for the stability and monotony of homeownership, but no matter how much I search Zillow, find the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood at the perfect price and beg God to make it happen, He keeps saying, "No." Matt's job is not a forever job, and no matter how much I keep chasing perfect homes, they keep disappearing in a plume of smoke and I am left knowing that I am called to be right here right now, no matter how much I don't want it. Wait, wait, wait, until Matt has a job without a guaranteed end date.

And so I have to content myself with the monotony that comes with a husband not being in law school despite the lack of stability. Laundry and dishes while Eleanor naps in the Ergo, helping Abigail learn to count;

Rescuing the kitty who's life is threatened by a toddler when she refuses to pose nicely for a picture;

Getting the oldest off to preschool while the youngest and I enjoy the peace of a quiet house;

Whipping up some Christmas presents and pausing to crochet Abigail a thick autumn shall and Eleanor a pink jumper;

Welcoming the return of the dramatic toddler, for whom three is a difficult age;

And instead of taking a gorgeous palm tree-lined street to a white sandy beach or an exciting L train ride to the Shedd Aquarium, we try to find the good in rural Michigan in November with night walks under the moon at 6pm, thick cream-colored sweaters, and snuggles and good books on the couch with the hubby and a mug of homemade chai tea after the kids are in bed.

One day it'll all happen in a house. That we own. And we'll get a dog too, a gray brindle pitbull whom I'll name Teeko.

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