23 October 2014


Trying to recovery from something bad enough to land a person in the hospital and caring for small children has got to be among the top hardest life tasks. Oddly enough, when they pulled the tube out of my kidney, they didn't stitch, staple, glue or otherwise assist in the closing of the open wounds, either in my skin or in my kidney. I'm just suppose to wear a large bandage over the opening, changing it often until my body closes and heals itself. For the first few days, I couldn't shake the thought that I could insert a pencil into my back and it wouldn't stop until it reached the inside of my kidneys. Weird. The goodness news is that things are healed enough that I don't need any kind of pain killers anymore.

Anyway, I can't wear Eleanor or push the stroller until at least Monday, plus Abigail came down with another freaking cold. Today is the first day I've been able to pick up either girl without pain. Aside from the physical pain, there is also the mental/emotional frustration of being stuck inside the apartment (I can't walk or stand for longer periods of time without my kidney hurting), trying to function with crappy sleep, and dealing with a screaming, over-tired-but-can't-be-worn-or-nursed-down baby and a doesn't-nap-any-more-because-of-preschool toddler who is in that sick-but-you-don't-know-it-yet, can't-tell-you-she-doesn't-feel-good-because-she's-somewhat-non-verbal crabby/bratty period of life.

At one point I stuck them in their room together, grabbed a pint of Fro Yo, a bag of chocolate chips, and a spoon and sat in my closet.

And for 15 minutes, no one cried or yelled "NO!" and I didn't clutch my phone and wonder if today I should use up Matt's last precious day of vacation time.

Oh goodness. I can't wait until this is all healed up and I can just be done with doctors for a little while. I'm looking forward to this weekend as a huge relaxing break for the whole family. On Saturday our town square has doggy trick-or-treating and we're planning to take the girls out to watch. No joke, we're seriously going to spectate dogs in costumes trick-or-treating and I'm really looking forward to it. Until then, my friends, I'm doing my best to keep my daily expectations low and my temper lower.

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