27 October 2014

King Cold

You know that moment when you have a still-bleeding open wound but both your children are all, "never surrender!" so you throw on some extra bandage tape and strap on a child? Yeah. That's where we are.

But I kid. Neither of my children can actually say, "never surrender."

I felt such relief when a few days before surgery, the last of the colds finally faded away. But when a few days after I got home, a new round of colds appeared, I kind of lost it. This is the worst cold Eleanor has ever had. It's one of those "can't breath and nurse at the same time, so just cry" type colds. And it just makes her want to nurse for comfort. Like, round-the-clock. Plus poor Abigail, also sick, also wanting Mommy snuggles, frustrated that she has to miss school. Not-quite two-weeks is the longest that no one has had a cold since the preschool open house in late August. And in that time I had surgery. I'm frustrated and bitter. I'm mad at preschool. I'm mad at people who keep saying, "colds help build immune systems!" when Matt and I are coming down with every other cold Abigail brings home. We're living paycheck-to-paycheck with Matt's sick and vacation time (hindsight: we shouldn't have taken a few days off to go up north). I'm starting to think there will never come a day when we aren't sick. I'm clinging to the promises of those who go before us: "the first year is the hardest."

I'm really, really trying to get through this without resorting to massive amounts of television. Two episodes of Curious George per day is my goal. I wish instead of shoveling advice down my throat about the cry-it-out method and how baby-wearing spoils children, the people in my life would give me advice on surviving double colds with an open wound. Sorry, mini-rant there. Anyway, someone needs a diaper change and someone else needs a nose wipe. This too shall pass, I know.

Guess we've outgrown the Rock n' Sleeper (she upside-down in it):

At five months:

Before she got sick:

Four days post-surgery and the day before anyone got sick:

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Anonymous said...

I've never done it with an open wound, but I do find that Dr Sears recommendation of spending 20 minutes in the bathroom with a hit steamy shower running does actually help the baby and kids sleep better. I've spent nights in the bathroom 3-4x, since I have four Little Ones. It's annoying in the middle of the night, but they always sleep better afterwards. Additionally, The Lord never frowns on our "I'm-falling-asleep-in-my-chair/sung-to-the-tune-of-a-lullaby-middle-of-the-night" Rosaries. :-) TB

P.s. if baby wearing spoils babies, how is it that thousands of children who spent their babyhoods in empty cribs without being touched except for feeding and changing (as in Romania and Russia) grew into children and adults suffering from reactive attachment disorder? Babies NEED human touch. Period. The more the better, ESP when they're tiny.