15 September 2014

Those Gosh Darn Kidneys

My kidneys, I tell ya, they're pretty terrible. Thank the Lord for modern medicine. Last fall I learned that one of the traitors kidneys was harboring a stone 4 times bigger than could safely be passed. The behemoth had blocked important passageways and was causing the kidney to swell. Nothing could be done until I had the baby. Well, I had her. Now I have to care about the dang kidneys again.

This morning's appointment led me to one big discovery: said stone has gotten bigger. A 5mm stone is about as big as a person can safely pass. Mine's now about 25mms now. That's an inch. That's the size of a gumball. My only option is surgery.

It's a procedure that will have me in the hospital overnight, and there is talk of another stent (which I'll be refusing unless it's medically necessary to avoid certain death and destruction). My biggest concern (aside from the damn stent) is the breastfeeding. I'm already pulling up Le Leche League articles to be sure I'm still breastfeeding on the other side of this. My poor husband, it's going to be a rough night for him - a clingy, breastfed baby without a mommy all night long.

Surgery is penciled in for mid-October - the scheduler has to coordinate with the OR before we can write it in pen. It'll be after my birthday and give me enough time to build up a milk stash, but far enough away from the holidays that I should be fully healed before Thanksgiving.

Prayers as we approach surgery date are appreciated! I'd also love advice about breastfeeding through this. I don't mind if Eleanor is supplemented with formula, but my biggest goal is to make sure this doesn't end the breastfeeding.


Amelia Bentrup said...

Prayers for you and your surgery! That sounds so painful.

Here is a good article on breastfeeding after surgery. http://www.askdrsears.com/topics/feeding-eating/breastfeeding/special-situations/breastfeeding-after-surgery

You can actually breastfeed within a few hours of the the general anastethia. If possible, I think it would "ideal" to nurse her right before you go into surgery, then pump/dump 4 hours after you wake up, and then immediatly nurse and have Matt and Eleanor stay in the hospital overnight with you (if you have a family member or someone Abigail could stay with) and that way Matt could help take care of Eleanor that night and bring her to you to nurse but he would be the one in charge of her, changing diapers, etc. Really, she would only have to be without breastfeeding for maybe 5 hours or so and maybe he could walk around with her and distract her during that time. Also, if she refuses a bottle during the hours she can't breastfeed, he could feed her milk out of a sippy cup or syringe or soft-mouthed cup (not sure if she's ever had a bottle before but if she hasn't, be prepared that she might not take it easily).

Hope this helps. We will pray for you.

Cammie Wollner said...

Prayers! I remembered that you'd had kidney stones when you were pregnant but I'd completely forgotten that you had to wait until after you had the baby and that you were still dealing with this! Ouch!

Definitely check out the link Amelia listed above. I've nursed immediately after each of my c-sections (which always involves morphine and Vicodin and tons of motrin) and have never had a problem with any of our little guys! We'll definitely be praying for you too! And... maybe we'll be in the hospital together! (It's looking like I'll be there from the 13th to the 17th-ish).

Jacqueline said...

Cammie - we probably will be there together! I'm scheduled for the 17th!