01 September 2014

Family Cold

This weekend is not only a long, holiday weekend, it's also the last weekend before my first born goes away to school for the first time ever. I had grandiose plans, my friends, but hikes, parks, splash pads, and ice cream were replaced with tissues, Tylenol and Frozen when Abigail woke up on Thursday with a runny nose. And then I went to bed that night with a sore throat. And then Eleanor started sneezing on Friday. By the time Matt joined the party on Saturday morning, I finally gave up my last thread of hope. A family-wide cold on our last holiday weekend before our first-ever year of school. At least "strong to severe" storms are expected today. I like stormy days when everyone is snug at home. And who knows, maybe it'll knock out power and extend our holiday weekend by a day.

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