04 August 2014

Midwestern Summers

A photo-intense post from an awesome weekend, I promised. And I'm delivering. The Good Stuff tells its side of the story of this Friday - Sunday.

My party started on Friday for two reasons. The first? Yarn.

On Friday, I took the car and took both girls with me to a craft store to peruse a few crafty items for Christmas presents. Now, I rarely travel to stores with both girls because a toddler who scores abnormally high in the oppositional behaviors category and a 12-week-old are not ideal shopping companions. Especially at a craft store when I tend to take longer and stop walking to browse, which is a capital offense in 12-week-old land. BUT, I was going to make the best of it. I planned to pop a squat at the pattern viewing table and do a little breastfeeding to keep Squawker happy. It went well! No one sobbed! I found pretty yarn! It was a good confidence booster to get out of the house and not return home with a car full of sobbing girls.

The other reason Friday marked the start of awesome? MY DOUBLE STROLLER ARRIVED!

I have been searching and researching for a while now, trying to find the best features for my money. I could have borrowed a double stroller for free indefinitely, but it was a particularly wide one, so wide that it couldn't fit on the sidewalks in my neighborhood, so I had to return it. So while I traipsed around wearing one and pushing one, I continued to research. Until I found one in my price range with all the features I wanted. And it arrived on Friday!

On Saturday, we gave it it's first real test at the fair.

And I just realized that the only pictures I have of a side view of the stroller has me in it, and it's one of those Wow-I-guess-I-haven't-lost-all-the-baby-weight-yet pictures. You know what I mean. Sorry, you'll have to wait for me to take a new photo from the side of the stroller.

So back to the fair. I felt like a tourist in the country, my friends. I'm all, "Oh my gosh, look at that truck! I need a pictures of that truck!" While we're standing in the parking lot. My husband is all, "Why are you a nut job? My friends all drove trucks like this; hurry up, I don't want anyone to see us!"

You see, I did live in the country for two years of high school and one year in between graduating college and getting married. But I guess it's easy to forget because I walk into a BARN to see a table full of veggies on PAPER PLATES with RIBBONS and I'm all, "Haha! Award-winning veggies! Matt, that is a freakin' squash!"

I mean, I thought that kind of stuff only happened in the old black-and-whites with men in overalls standing next to people-sized pumpkins.

Oh goodness. We walked through the horse barns because even city girls like horses.

And we met up with my sister-in-law (the same one from last year), whose girls were looking for rabbits again, to visit the small animal auction for more auctioned bunnies.

And then it was time for the rides.

Since we had more warning this time, Matt and I budgeted out a few dollars for the big event. We each selected one iconic food from our childhood (Matt got elephant ears, I got cotton candy), we each rode one ride with Abigail,

Abigail got to play one carnival game. And she won a prize.

And in between eating, Eleanor slept.

And when we were almost done, we had two tickets left. And a ride on the kiddie train was two tickets. But adults couldn't fit on the ride and I wasn't sure how Abigail would do next to a complete stranger, so I begged asked my sister-in-law if one of her kids would ride it with Abigail. Now they were on a budget too and each kid only got to do two things, but they agreed to send one of their youngest on the ride with Abigail. I thought it would work out perfectly.

But it turns out that Abigail handled things like a champ and her little girl sobbed hysterically. I still feel a bit guilty over that one.

Sunday following Mass, Matt and I packed up the stroller and headed out to a "trail" we've been "hiking" on the weekends. We're trying to make a certain distance in a certain time by the end of summer. Yesterday we pushed a 100lbs of stroller 3.1 miles in just under an hour.

And afterward, we always cool off in the toddler splash pad.

And yesterday, Abigail did better than she's ever done. Spent more time in the water and less time circling the park. Yeah, just running in circles around the water. Over and over. This time she went in.

Oh goodness, by Sunday evening, we were exhausted. In a good way.

It isn't to say that nothing went wrong. That Abigail didn't break down in tears randomly at one point during the fair. That Matt and I didn't have a disagreement in the car on the way to the park. That I didn't twerk something in my shoulder trying to lug too much to the car in one fell swoop. That this weekend didn't take a lot of work. But it is to say that it was all worth it. Family summer weekend fun.


Anonymous said...

How was the music at the fair? I took my boys to the AK State Fair last year and ended up in tears myself at the end of a merry-go-round ride because the Batman ride next to us was BLARING horrible music from the movies and I couldn't bri g myself to keep the boys within earshot of such soul-shattering awfulness for any more time. Maybe they had children's rides away from the adult rides at the MI fair? Just curious. TB

Jacqueline said...

The music was pretty bad at this fair too! The kids section (which did not include the ferris wheel or the carousel) was farther away from the rides with the terrible music, but you could still hear it all the way to the parking area. Some of it wasn't that the songs were bad, just loud enough to make your ears ring! There were a few rides that played bad songs (the ferris wheel was next to one of them) and that was pretty obnoxious to hear at a family function. But I did just realize that I used to go to a Spree every year as a kid and I don't have any memories of the music. Maybe it's something we notice more than our kids?