07 August 2014

Fitness Stroller

Two more promises delivered today, my friends. And if you look closely, you can even see Abigail's "no" face as a bonus.

Open stroller from the side! It's pretty compact as far as double strollers go, but plenty roomy enough for a toddler and a carseat. Plus right now I can use Eleanor's foot space as additional storage.

There is a nice (ie, wide and paved) trail near our apartment and the city keeps the edges nicely trimmed (ie, minimizing potential tick transfers) and I took this here 100lbs of stroller out on it yesterday for a nice 3.17 mile jaunt in just under and hour.

Thankfully I brought my mountain biking gloves up with me to the apartment after our last ride in Chicago, so they were safe the night of the robbery. Good thing too because 100lbs of stroller (50lbs of stroller + 25lbs of Abigail + 13 lbs of Eleanor + the car seat + water + necessary diaper bag components = about 100 lbs) uphill while sweating can be a challenge.

So why am I going for broke with all the exercise lately? Well, at first it was a combination of exercise keeping the PPD at bay/wanting my body back/needing my non-maternity clothes to fit again. But now, now it's because I need to look auh-maz-ing in a bridesmaid's dress by next May! My mother-in-law threw a surprise party for Matt's sister's golden birthday last week and when we all shouted "Surprise!" her left ring finger was like, "PUNK'D YA!" So we all screaming and oogled her ring and demanded details on any wedding plans that had been determined in the 36 hours since the proposal. We're all very excited - it was one of those things where we were all just waiting for the when.

So anyway, my goal is to loose the rest of the pregnancy weight (I'm 58.5% down now) plus the additional 25lbs my small-boned frame didn't enjoy carrying around in the next nine months. And I'm determined to loose it the healthy way and continue breastfeeding the entire time.

One final thing before I sign off. Yesterday when I was out for my own personal power hour? It was also snail power hour. I was slaloming the stroller around to avoid running the poor guys over. I've never seen so many slime trails in one place.


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Florida...except those snails and slime trails were gigantic.

I can't wait to jump in the lose-the-baby-weight bandwagon with you!

Thinking we were approaching 42 weeks with a July 28 due date, we have a sonogram/biophysical profile this morning and were given an August 11th due date, which means we still have two weeks to have that baby at home! Yay! TB

Jacqueline said...

I think the last trimester of pregnancy is the *worst* time to hear about other people's weight loss! I felt so unbelievably gigantic, my skin was all stretched out, the numbers on the scale were way too high - I wold be soooo jealous of anyone who lost weight. I looked *forward* to dieting!

UGH on the new due date! You must be so crushed for more waiting yet relieved that everything's okay! Ugh - I can't imagine! We will be praying for you guys and we'll definitely need an email with details when this little one's birthday (finally) makes itself known!