14 August 2014

Down Syndrome - Walks and Books

Three years ago the first thing that opened the door to healing was a Googled Buddy Walk. Through the Google search for Down Syndrome in Naples, I found info about an old Buddy Walk that led me to Kelle Hampton's blog, which gave me a lot of emotional strength for the support group I would eventually find, the other blogs I would read, the books I would read. But do you want to know the funny thing? I never did attend that year's Buddy Walk. I was too afraid of what I might see, so I found an excuse not to go. I kept finding excuses, and I was all set to find some more for this year's walk in Michigan, but people kept asking me, "Are you going? I'd love to go with you!" And so finally I said yes. And I created a fundraiser page.

Please visit my page and consider making a donation!

The money goes to Michigan's local Down syndrome organization - CADSA (Capital Area Ds Association) - and I've heard really marvelous things about them since moving here. All Abigail's therapists and a few random strangers: "Are you on CADSA's mailing list? Have you been to any CADSA events yet?" I haven't. Yet again, this year's Ds walk will be the first event in my new city. One that I hope brings me an amazing connection with other moms.

The walk will take place on September 7th. Please consider making a donation! You can make it anonymously or in honor of a loved one. If you do make a donation, I'd be happy to provide you with some free advertising space on my blog. Either a widget on the side or a dedicated post for your own blog, shop (or Etsy shop), or any other (G-rated) product or service!

* * * * *

I heard back from the publisher. The one I mailed my manuscript to. AND ... they didn't out-right reject me!!! So the original submission packet included two excerpts from my book (as per their guidelines), and I heard back from them yesterday and they would like more! They asked for the section where we learn about Abigail's Ds, among a few other things. And they gave me a specific person to send my new packet to. I'm super excited because even if they do still reject me, I wrote something good enough that interested a publishing company! I'm also super nervous because this is really outside of my comfort zone; each step takes a lot of guts.

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Wow! Awesome news on the publisher! Good work! TB