31 July 2014

Two Under Four

This week has not been the easiest of all weeks. As I was contemplating blog post ideas this morning, I was feeling all woe is me, but then I logged onto Facebook and read a few blog posts. One person had posted a quote about how we choose our dispositions in the face of our situations, another had blogged about her family's more-than-once trip to the doctor/urgent care/er this week. At some point I had to acknowledge the fact that my life is not that bad. I can't let PPD get the best of me. And tomorrow through Sunday are going to be some really awesome days. I've got way fun things planned and I will definitely bring my camera, take lots of pictures, and give you all a play-by-play come Monday. In the meantime, photos from this week.

She'll be 12 weeks old on Saturday. 12 weeks! She can flail for things now and when she is successful in grabbing, she can bring them to her mouth. She can also roll from her back to her side. But only the right side. And she cheats to do it - she lifts her legs up, then swings them to the side and her hips follow - all momentum. But she is so gosh darn excited about it.

She's starting to enjoy being on the tummy time mat and chilling in the boppy pillow, but Abigail's "Baybee is not in Mommy's arms" radar goes off and she comes streaking in from wherever she was to love on "Baybee."

Eleanor loves her sister - she looks around when she hears her voice and she'll smile at Abigail to get her attention, but she is also (understandably) a wee bit cautious.

Abigail has grown increasingly interested in being behind the camera instead of in front of it. When I point the lens at her, she'll usually protest: "No! No! Awww done!" When I start taking pictures of something else, she gets a little panicky, "Mumma! Mumma!" until I stop, give her time to catch up to me, and let her watch the preview screen while I take pictures. I like to zoom in on something across the room and call for Matt or Belle to make an appearance.  

When they do, Abigail gets all excited, leans in to the screen, and says surprised, "Cat!"

The other day I stuck my two irritating little Krakens in their respective cribs so that I do my makeup in peace for a family party later that evening had the girls in their cribs and I could hear Abigail providing a running commentary to Eleanor. Sometimes it was just a series of babble following a noise. A car drives by: "Bye, car! Baybee, car! *unintelligible* Car! *unintelligible* Baybee!" I knew the mobile had stopped whenever I'd hear, "Oh no! Aw done, Baybee!"

In case you noticed and were wondering, I did rearrange the girls' room the other day. I didn't like having Eleanor's crib so close to the window. She doesn't sleep in there yet, but when I set her in it to put laundry away or read Abigail a book, either the sun is too bright or the breeze too chilly or whatnot. I'll only get worse once we hit winter - plus by then she'll probably be sleeping through the night and therefore in her own room. I'm going to test it out for a few days before I go through the trouble of re-arranging the wall decorations.

Abigail has become increasingly interested in imitating what I do with Eleanor on her baby dolls. So I made her her own boppy pillow.

I cannot figure out how to turn on this damn flower, but Abigail figured it out. Seriously, for her entire babyhood, Abigail never heard the singing flower because I couldn't get the configuration of switches right. I mean seriously, you wouldn't think a baby toy would be that hard.

And finally, a Throwback Thursday picture! It's an engagement shot of Matt and I back in 2007! I look like I'm 12, my goodness. Anyway, Matt's sister recently got engaged (we're all very excited - more about that later) and as she told everyone the story of how he proposed, it had us all reminiscing about our own engagements.

Ah, we were so young and innocent! Anyway, like I said, fun times this weekend and lots of pictures. Hint, some of them may involve auctioned bunnies. Which I still think is just the most hilarious thing ever.

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