18 July 2014

Q and As

I feel the need to blog, but I'm sure you're all sick of me droning on and on about my life with a toddler and a newborn (Eleanor has already spit up twice on me today - it's 9:53am. She must know I actually took the time to shower this morning). Life has been really, really good this week, but not very exciting, so I'm answering link up questions without actually linking up. Because I hate link ups. These are next Sunday's questions coming to you today because I'm ahead of the trend. Here's the blog where you can find these things.

1. What’s something you've won and how did you win it?
Matt and I won the Knights of Columbus Family of the Year award at our church this year (the year runs from June to June). They presented it to us on the day of Eleanor's Baptism, so all our family was present, but we didn't tell anyone it was coming and they were all shocked and amazed and happy for us. The Knights had a campaign to raise money to buy an ultrasound machine for a pregnancy center that is opening up in our community, and I designed all the marketing materials for it. That plus Matt is very active in the Knights and jumped right into the organization as soon as we moved in.

2. Do you save old greeting cards and letters, or throw them all away? Why?
They almost all get tossed. They take up space, and how often do you really go back through your old greeting cards? I do have a shoe box full of love letters from my dating days with Matt (we're old fashioned like that), I have a few cards that the girls have given me, I kept a few baby shower cards that went in the girls' baby books, and I keep cards that my grandmother has given to my girls.

3. When you’re at home, do you wear shoes, socks, slippers, or go barefoot?
Barefoot. Almost always. I'm always too warm and I have found that taking my socks off cools me down faster. Abigail always goes barefoot because she has a thing about textures and her feet. Eleanor goes barefoot because she kicks her socks off. And Matt is always in slippers and/or socks because he's always cold.

4. Who’s the most famous person you have ever met?
Yo-Yo Ma. I worked at an upscale hotel for a while and checked him in upon arrival. He comes across as very humble and pleasant to be around - friendly, polite, and has a sense of humor.

5. What has been your best work of art?
Oh geeze, what do you mean by art? I mean, I could get really new-agey here and call my children my greatest work of art. Are my crocheted blankets art? Is writing art? Do you mean the best picture I ever painted as a kid? Since I'm answering the question, I'm going to interpret it to mean that writing counts and go with a short story I wrote in high school (for a college class) about a boy who drowned trying to save his dog. It isn't the best thing I've ever written to date, but I think it was really good considering my age and skillset at the time.

6. What’s your strongest sense?
My sense of hearing. My vision has been awful for about 18 years (I first got glasses when I was nine), so I've gotten really good at navigating life by depending on my ears. Noteworthy cases: I could tell the difference between ambulance, police, and fire truck sirens in Chicago, I can tell which direction Matt is facing by the way his voice sounds, and back when we had two cats, I could tell which cat was walking across the room by the way their feet sounded hitting the carpet. For me, going blind would be much easier than going deaf or mute.

Well that's it for questions! This weekend, I plan to venture out for my first real alone time since Eleanor's birth! My laptop and I will be hitting up a coffee shop for some creative writing time. I've got a few bottles of pumped milk in the fridge just waiting for Eleanor. I'm so stoked!

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