10 July 2014

Oh goodness

Last weekend a friend (really someone in the more-than-aquaintence-but-less-than-friend category) was recounting to us a conversation she had with someone and it ended with that someone looking at my friend horrified, "but you could have a child with Down syndrome!" Everyone at the table knew about Abigail, so they all chuckled, understanding that every child is blessing, but then her hubby chimed in, "Plus they're always happy babies!"

HA! If only!

Oh goodness, my friends, three is not my favorite age. Today when Matt left for work, I locked the door, turned toward Abigail, and asked, "What do you want to do today?"


Well. Good thing we got that cleared up.

To everyone who warned me, "three is worse than two!" I say, "you are so right." What a fool was I to think that my sweet little angel could never become such a pain in the ass, difficult brat challenge. It took me about two seconds to learn that she always needs a choice.
(Do you want fishy crackers?
Do you want graham crackers?
Would you rather have fishy crackers or graham crackers?
Fishy crackers!)

Little power tripper.

A few plans were canceled at the last minute, so we really have been spending the entire week at home. I'm itching to get back outside a few times a week, but I've gotten a ton of those small, nagging projects done. My cabinet doors no longer squeak, all our dingy whites have been bleached, my book is being sent off to its first potential publisher tomorrow.

Hold the phone!

Yup, after years of work, I will be submitting my manuscript tomorrow to its first publisher! This publisher produces exactly the type of books I wrote, they are requesting Ds memoirs right now, and they don't require an agent. It can take up to 12 weeks to hear back and I'm of course I'm not expecting to be published at the first place I try, but hey! I made it this far!

Pray for me!!


Since today is ThrowBackThursday, here's me two months ago:

That's right! Today's Eleanor's second month birthday! Happy two months, Eleanor!

Oh well, at least we can now affirmatively say she doesn't have Down syndrome.

First-ever pedis:

Girl ain't gonna need falsies when she grows up:

She looks around when she hears her sister's voice. Sometimes she grimaces a bit too.

Happy Friday Eve, all! Today I am grateful the hot flashes have ceased so we can turn off the a/c, open the windows, and lower our utility bills! Plus cause hot flashes suck.

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