16 July 2014

Now We Stay Home

Two weeks ago, the solution to all my problems was: Get outside! Visit friends! Have playdates! Just leave the apartment! This week, getting out is stressful and complicates all my problems. Right now the solution is: Stay home! Follow a routine! Give Abigail so much attention that she doesn't even want to misbehave!

Kids fly through stages so fast it gives me whiplash.

So anyway, we're staying home a lot more lately. Right now it's Mommy computer time, Abigail independent play time. If it doesn't rain, we might attempt walking up to the library during physical therapy/exercise time. 2.2 miles (round trip) is a long way to walk with two under three and a one-seater stroller. (The double stroller I was borrowing did not work out and I returned it. Does two under three mean one is three-years-old? Or does it literally mean that they both are under the age of three?)

I need to commit some time to sitting down and organizing the photos on my computer. My current system is not working. I'm also saving up my money to buy a new camera. The one I have now is 6-7 years old and never did well in low lighting. It seems to have given up even trying to focus on the foreground anymore. Ah, old age. Is 6-7 old for a camera? Not sure.

That mobile is always so captivating.

We have discovered Dr. Seuss.

We have a friend who makes my babies quilts. It makes my heart happy to have handmade quilts.

The other day I returned to the dining room to discover this scene. That's my now-ruined chapstick on the floor, my planner open, and my daughter scribbling all over October. Do you want to know the first thing I thought? Wow, she even put the cap on the back of the pen! That takes mad fine motor skills! Raising Abigail has changed my perspective in life.

She's totally in the: Super-cute chubs, I'll sometimes nap alone, I smile whenever I see you stage of life. When pretty much the worst thing she does is cry when I put her down to take a shower. This stage makes me want to have about 10 more kids.

We keep the cat food, water, and liter pan behind this baby gate. Belle will not jump over the baby gate. Never. Instead she actually squeezes between the bars. It's quite disturbing to watch. I'll film it for you sometime. But she'll jump up on top of the damn fridge.

Baby's first selfie

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Amelia Bentrup said...

When I think of "2 under 3" I think of both kids being under 3 (as in the oldest is 2 years old).

We keep our cat's food/water on top of the fridge. That's about hte only way it is toddler-proof. LOL