07 July 2014

Home Days

We've been playing hard this past holiday weekend. After a long six and a half weeks of working hard since paternity leave ended, we were excited to embrace the fun. Ice cream runs, long family strolls, board game nights with friends way past adult bedtimes. The diaper bag stuffed with extra diapers, sunscreen, a few changes of clothes. You never know what life might bring come a long weekend: a trip to the splash pad, family picnics; it's best to keep a pair of flip flops in the car at all times. Spending a few days out makes a few days at home more enjoyable. Laundry, dishes, proper naps at proper times. And Abigail has been excited to play with her own toys all morning. This week won't be as adventure-packed as last week, we've got a few extra days to spend at home, catching our breath in preparation for more fun next weekend.

The enraptured stare of a toddler watching Taylor Swift videos on YouTube (I desperately needed a few more minutes to finish up meal planning and making a grocery list while Sister took a rare nap alone):

Moon eyes

Bed hog

I'm gonna have to write a post about how crazy fast typically developing babies get big. I'm enjoying the adorable baby leg chubs and how proud much more she'd rather practice standing (bearing weight on her legs) verses spending time on her tummy.

She always gives the mobile the most suspicious of stares

Have a happy Monday, everyone. Today I'm grateful that God has answered my prayers to alleviate my PPD symptoms, for today at least.

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Anonymous said...

Great post! But the picture of Abigail watching a Taylor Swift video is too much -you totally could've said something like, "she's watching a lecture on Kant's 'Prologamena to a Future Metaphysics'" and gotten away with it! She looks so studious! :-)

And Eleanor is certainly GROWING! It sounds like you his had a great weekend, and I'm glad the PPD has subsided somewhat. Take care, TB